Funny Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Scavenger hunts are as varied as the participants. They are a fun way to keep young party-goers busy. Older children might enjoy a rhyming scavenger hunt to break up a hot summer day. When traveling, consider creating a fact or photo scavenger hunt 2. The hunt can be more than just an individual effort but can also be a wonderful team building activity. Creating funny names for the teams helps to add another dimension of enjoyment to the activity.


Keep names for preschool teams simple. To help them remember the name, write the team name on paper name tags, giving each team a different color. You can work the color into the humor by creating alliterative names that go along with the party’s theme. A jungle or animal themed party could use names such as Green Gophers, Blue Buffalo or Orange Orangutans. A pirate party might use the colors to celebrate pirate life such as the Deep Blue Sea, Red Parrots and Green Teeth. Try using pastel colors to designate teams for a princess or fairy party, giving them names such as the Lilac Ladies or The Pink Primroses.

School Age

By the time they are in school, wordplay becomes more of a humor staple. This can be a useful tool when creating funny names for scavenger hunt teams. Try playing off words and phrases that imply or describe looking that go along with a party or celebration theme. Some names for a space-themed party might be The Searching Satellites or the Rockin’ Rockets. If the activity isn’t attached to a themed party, consider just using fun search words in a new way for each team such as The Eagle Eyes or The Looky Loos.

Tweens and Teens

By their early teens, most children have become adept at wit and sarcasm. Use both when creating funny team names. These names might be as short as Team Got It or create a long, drawn-out name such as We-Absolutely-Have-to-Win-the-Honor-of-Our-Team-is-at-Stake! To really give the participants free rein, try giving each team the first task of creating a name for their own team. An independent judge can give a five-minute head start to the winner.

Beyond the Name

Adding props to team names adds a visual aspect to the humor. For example a team called The Lookout Owls is even funnier if each member of the team has to wear giant fake glasses. Props and historic names can bring an element of fun to historical or educational scavenger hunts. For example, consider pitting The Lincolns in tall cardboard hats against the The General Lees with big buttons of the car from the “Dukes of Hazard.”