Fun Games to Play at Teenage Sleepovers

Sleepovers are exciting activities for teenagers. With friends all around, teens get to spend the evening gossiping, eating junk food, laughing, playing games and staying up late. To make the sleepover festivities all the more entertaining, plan out some games for teenagers and their friends to play at their leisure 1.

Makeovers with a Twist

Teenage girls are at an age where they enjoy playing with and wearing make-up. During the sleepover, suggest a makeover game that has an unusual twist. Rather than the girls giving each other makeovers to enhance their beauty, this game requires one girl to wear a blindfold while she gives another girl a makeover. Supply all the pairs of girls with make-up must-haves, such as lipstick, eyeshadow and blush. Then, let the girls take off their blindfolds to see their works of art. Next, it is time for them to switch turns so that each girl has a chance to put the make-up on someone else while blindfolded. Make sure to have a camera nearby to take pictures of all the girls when the game is over.

Video Games

Teenage guys and girls enjoy playing video games with friends at sleepovers. Games that allow multiple players are ideal so that everyone can play at one time, or take turns in teams. Some effective party games include Xbox Kinect's "Kinect Adventures," "Dance Central" and "Kinect Sports." Nintendo Wii is another gaming system that offers a variety of party games. If the sleepover is with a bunch of teenage guys, fighting games and first-person-shooter games may be more in line with the types of video games they like to play.

Board Games

Your teen and her friends may be into playing board games, such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Cranium or Trivial Pursuit. Board games can provide hours of entertainment, and can even be played while the group watches a movie in the background. Other classic games that don't require a board include charades and Pictionary. Scene It? is another game idea that requires the use of a television and DVD player, where players have to answer trivia questions about movies.


Contests are exciting for teens at a sleepover. One contest idea is to see who can make the tallest ice cream sundae, so you would have to supply all the fixings for this dessert game. Another game is to have a race to see who can eat a pie the fastest without using his hands.

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is an iconic sleepover game that teens play. Make sure that if your teen and her friends play truth or dare that the dares are age appropriate and safe. Truth or dare is a talking game that requires the players to answer a question truthfully. If they refuse to answer the question, they have to perform a dare. Dares should be harmless and silly, while still giving the teens a thrill.