Fun Activities for an 11-Month-Old

Your 11-month-old baby is on the verge of her first birthday and is becoming more of a toddler -- both physically and mentally -- each day. According to, by 11 months of age, a baby can understand simple requests and associate gestures with certain words and actions. Take this precious time in her life to enhance her developmental skills with fun activities.

Water Play

Simple bathtub games will keep your baby occupied while you give her a bath. Place a small amount of bubble bath in her water and let her splash her hands around to create bubbles. You can also place common household containers in the tub, like cups and small plastic bowls. Use the bath water to fill the container up and empty it out again. Fill it up and describe what you are doing. "Look. I'm filling it up. No more water can fit. I have to empty it." She may attempt to copy what you do.

Arts and Crafts

Crafts for your older children may use small materials that pose choking hazards for babies. Alternative arts and crafts for your baby will allow her to make age-appropriate masterpieces. Place a piece of paper in a resealable sandwich bag, then add a few squirts of paint -- in many different colors -- and seal it. Let your baby move the bag around and touch it to create all kinds of colorful swirls. Name the different colors for her. Stickers will also entertain your baby and are are age-appropriate. Peel off the backs of several foam stickers and allow her to stick them all over a piece of paper to create her own picture.

Movement and Exercise

An 11-month-old baby is a ball of energy 3. Allow her to release some of her energy with fun movements. Sit on the floor together, then throw a lightweight scarf in the air and catch it as it floats back down. Throw the scarf in the air again and have her reach out her hands for the scarf. Continue playing and catching the scarves together. To strengthen her muscles, have your baby do some aerobics. Lay your baby on her back on a flat surface. Move her legs in a bicycle motion by bringing her knees to her stomach. You can also gently pull her arms up for simple sit-ups.

Food Fun

Mealtime and snack time can serve as an opportunity for your baby to play with her food. Set out a few small bowls of easily manipulated foods such as peas, cubed carrots and meat cut into bite-sized pieces. Place a non-breakable plate in front of your baby and help her use the food to create a few faces. Guide her hand to create faces with the food. You can also try cooking some spaghetti -- after it cools, place some on her high chair for her to play with. She can explore the texture of the spaghetti and enjoy swishing it around with her hands.

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