Frog Snacks for Kids to Make

The thought of eating frogs may sound yucky to you, but that "yuck" factor may be just the thing to make your toddler or preschooler giggle. Whether your child is learning about frogs or just has an interest in pond critters, these frog snacks will make a splash 2.

Sweet Frog Treats

If your little frog-lover has a sweet tooth, satisfy his cravings with some amphibious treats. Your toddler or preschooler can decorate sugar cookies cut from frog-shaped cookie cutters with green frosting. If you want to get really creative, decorate frog cupcakes with your child. Tint frosting green, red and black with some food coloring and let your child make frog faces on the cupcakes. For a cool treat, give your child a scoop of lime sorbet or mint ice cream and let him decorate his "frog" with candy for eyes and green decorator's gel for a mouth.

Healthy Frog Bites

Little frogs need to stay healthy so they have the energy to hop and croak. Entice your child to eat what the frogs eat by letting her help prepare some "flies on a log." Spread celery sticks with peanut butter and let your child place the flies (raisins) along the top. Use a green apple cut into slices to make a frog face. Your toddler or preschooler can arrange the slices of a green paper plate "lily pad" in any way she wants, then add a strip of red pepper for a mouth and purple grapes for eyes.

Gelatin Creations

If some slimy fun is what your little one is after, gelatin-inspired snacks are tasty and easy to make. Even toddlers and preschoolers can help add powder and water to mix a gelatin dessert. Use green gelatin to make frog-shape jiggle snacks 2. Your child can help cut out the frogs after the gelatin is set using a cookie cutter. Serve up a cup of pond water made with blue gelatin, and don't forget to add gummy frogs to your pond before the gelatin sets.

Portable Frog Snacks

Looking for some snacks to take on the go for little froggy friends? Whether you're off to the pond to search for real frogs or just running errands, these snacks travel well. Combine pretzels (logs), raisins (flies), gummy worms and frogs, and baked fish crackers to make pond trail mix. Let your child dump in the ingredients and stir them well before dividing the mixture into small bags. Make a "frog guts" sandwich by cutting bread into a frog shape with a cookie cutter and letting your child fill it with whatever "guts" he chooses. Try relish, pickles, or green ketchup for an authentic-looking frog snack.