Free Unique Diaper Cake Instructions

A diaper cake is a unique centre piece for a baby shower and also a useful gift for the expecting mother 1. Diaper cakes are made of diapers and other basic baby necessities, which are arranged to look like a cake. These centre pieces can be personalised according to the gender of the baby and the likes of the mother. Many diaper cakes are made with round tiers; to make your diaper cake more unique, make it square. A square diaper cake is creative and also allows you to use more diapers, which the future mother will need.

Wrap the styropor base with wrapping paper. Choose a design of wrapping paper that matches the theme for the cake. Choose a white or neutral wrapper to make the cake look more formal. The styropor should be at least 2 inches wider than the desired size for the diaper cake.

Fold the diapers in half and stack them standing on end, in a row, use an elastic band to keep them together. Use 25 size 1 or 2 diapers for each row. Create four to six rows. Put the rows by each other, creating a square, this is the first tier of the cake. Use a bigger elastic band or ribbon to keep the rows of diapers together.

Fold 20 diapers size 1 or 2 in half to make a row for the second tier. Create three to five rows, one less than the amount you made for the first tier. Keep the diapers together using elastic bands or ribbon. Align the rows to finish the second tier of the cake.

Fold 15 diapers for each row of the third tier. Create two to four rows, one less than the amount created for the second tier. Align the rows.

Cover each tier with white tissue paper to cover the printing on the diapers. Use an elastic band to keep the tissue paper in place. Tuck the excess tissue under each tier. Stack the tiers to create the diaper cake.

Wrap the sides of the cake with white satin ribbon. Secure the ribbon with tape.

Wrap the coloured ribbon around the layers of the cake, secure with tape or by making a bow.


The amount of diapers you use for each tier depends on the size you want for the finished cake. Use more or less to make the diaper cake bigger or smaller. Use diapers of a bigger size to finish the cake faster. Coordinate the coloured ribbon to match the decorations of the baby shower. Use basic baby needs, such as pacifiers, rattles and bottles to decorate the cake.