Fitness Crafts for Kids

Motivate kids with fitness crafts.

Television, video games and the Internet can keep your child seated in one place for hours at a time. This sedentary behavior can be tough to change, but teaching a child the importance and value of fitness is one way to get her on the right track. Make learning fun by implementing some crafts that relate to good fitness habits.

Nutritious Food Book

Gather up some old magazines, glue, construction paper and yarn. Sit down with your child and help him search through the magazines to find pictures of nutritious food. Cut out several examples; look for fruits, vegetables, milk and grains. Glue the healthy food pictures to pieces of construction paper. Use a pen or marker to write the name of the food below the picture. You can also categorize the food by writing the name of food group or groups it falls into on the food pyramid. Once the pictures are glued and labeled, use a hole punch to punch holes on the outside edge of the construction paper, then tie the holes together to create a book. Go through the book with your child, and discuss why each food is important and how eating right relates to fitness.

Portable Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a way for kids to get exercise, an important part of fitness. Kids will enjoy making this portable mat that they can take with them and unroll for an impromptu round of hopscotch. You'll need a large roll of canvas—at least 12 to 15 feet long and 2 to 3 feet wide—some decorative materials and a ribbon. Unroll the canvas, and use a book or magazine to trace 8 to 10 squares on the canvas in a standard hopscotch arrangement. Use paint or markers to number each box. Let your child decorate each square as she wishes. Cut or punch a hole in one end of the canvas, then thread a section of ribbon through it. This will allow you to tie the mat closed once it is rolled up. Make a portable beanbag marker by filling a small cloth bag or sock with rice and tying it shut with the ribbon.

Fitness Brag Book

Encourage your child to be fit and active with this fitness brag book craft. Take photos of your child doing various activities, such as jumping, running, standing on one leg or throwing a ball. Print the photos, and attach each one to a piece of paper. Under each picture, create a caption that starts with the phrase "I can." Have your child finish the phrase to match each picture. Let your child decorate the page with stickers, drawings or rubber stamps. Punch holes in the edge of each page, and tie them together to create a book, or arrange the pages in a three-ring binder or album. Add a picture of your child on the front for the cover, and come up with a creative title that relates to fitness.