Feng Shui for Teens

Your teen's room might be a jumble of clothes, electronics and sport gear, but a cluttered and messy room could actually be affecting her sense of calm. Feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging rooms for better flow, calm and prosperity, might sound strange to your teen, but it can actually help her clean up, get organized and create a quiet space that she loves 1.

Room Color

While your teen might prefer wild colors, in her book "Teen Feng Shui: Design Your Space, Design your Life," feng shui expert Susan Levitt suggests more calming colors, like neutrals and lighter shades 1. Cream, gray, brown, beige and other colors easily found in nature can help create a calm, reflective atmosphere for a teen doing homework or spending time alone. If your teen insists on brighter colors, think about using it as an accent instead of the main wall color -- bringing in bright orange to accent gray or red trim with cream walls can punch up the space without ruining its flow.

Bed Placement

Furniture placement is one of the main facets of feng shui, as the practice teaches that it can affect the flow of a room and its inhabitants. According to an Ashworth College article entitled "Interior Design Tips To Feng Shui Your Bedroom," your teen's bed should be accessible from both sides, so slide it to the middle of the room 123. Feng shui also teaches that the door is one of the most important parts of a room for calm and prosperity, so if possible, the door should be kept clear and the bed should not be in the sight line when looking straight in from the door. Place a nightstand on both sides of the bed for balance.


Your teen can express herself through the accessories she places on the various surfaces and walls of her room, but there are a few important tips to remember. In an interview with Canadian talk show "Steven and Chris," interior designer and feng shui expert Laura Morris suggests that your teen keep a picture of her family somewhere in the room, noting that it helps to promote a harmonious family relationship 3. Your teen might also create a vision board to hang on the wall -- a changing cork board covered in goals and things she wants in life to help her feel inspired.


One of the fastest ways to disrupt the flow and calm of a room is through clutter, according to the Western School of Feng Shui. Allowing old, broken or unnecessary objects to remain in the room can make it feel messy and cluttered, so help your teen go through her things. Donate or trash older stuff that she no longer uses or needs, and replace it with organizational solutions like shelving and bins. Keep stuff off the floor so your teen's room becomes a calm oasis instead of a cluttered mess.