Farm Animal Baby Shower Decorations

Create a memorable event for the mom-to-be and guests with a farm-themed baby shower to help welcome the new arrival. A variety of decorations will help set the ambiance, so get creative with your farm animal theme. In addition to animals, decorate with barns, tractors and cowboy hats for a one-of-a-kind shower.


The baby shower invitations announce the farm animal theme to guests 1. To make your own invitations, use farm-themed stamps, ink and stickers to decorate blank cards. Use language that goes along with the theme, such as:

  • "We want to celebrate a baby shower with ewe," or "With an oink
  • a nay
  • a moo
  • we are inviting you!" Another idea is to cut out a barn from red cardstock

Create barn doors with construction paper that open to reveal party details. Add extra requests to the invitations, such as asking each guest to bring a farm-themed children’s book to help build the new baby’s library.


Decorate with corn stalks and stuffed farm animals to create a barnyard scene. Hay bales, which can double as extra seating for an outdoor shower, can also be used for decoration. Cover tables with red checkered table cloths. Serve food in metal buckets and place utensils in a wicker basket lined with a bandana. For background music, play country songs or children’s classics, such as “Old MacDonald” and “Farmer in the Dell.”


Decorate the cake in colors that match the decorations, such as barnyard red. Use plastic farm animals as cake toppers or bake the cake in the shape of a farm animal and use frosting to complete the look. Other desserts include sugar cookies cut out and decorated as farm animals. If you are serving lunch or dinner, a barbecue meal goes well with a farm theme. Serve burgers, hot dogs, chips and potato salad. Have veggie burgers available for vegetarian guests. Serve a vegetable platter with pre-cut vegetables arranged in rows, to resemble a cultivated field.


Games encourage interaction between guests and make the shower fun for everyone. Try playing the baby animal name game. Provide guests with pens and paper. Call out different farm animals and ask guests to write down the name of the baby animal. For example, a baby horse is a foal and a baby goat is a kid. The guest who gets the most names right wins the game.

Try out another game where guests have to use creativity to win. Provide guests with a list of 20 words. Ten of the words should relate to the baby, such as stroller, nap, bottle or crib. The other ten words should relate to a farm, such as pig, horse, barnyard or tractor. Guests have to write a story in an agreed-upon time limit using all 20 words. The mom-to-be will play the role of judge and choose the winner.