Family Home Evening Ideas for Teenagers

As your kids get older, it can become harder and harder to convince them that family time is a good idea. However, there are some activities you can do with your teenagers that they're sure to want to be a part of. When you can, involve them in your family evening planning to make sure everyone is happy.

International Cooking Night

Spending time with your teen can be a hard thing to do with their lives so busy. It's hard enough to spend time together and eat as a family. Purchase a cookbook or go online and gather different recipes from around the world. Be adventurous and have your teen or teens help out with ideas. On family night, have your family help out in making the international dinner. Each family member should have a task or duty. Once the dinner is finished, discuss the food, the history of the originating culture and the food's origins. This is a great way to introduce different cultures and foods and open up a chance to talk and enjoy a dinner as a family.

Movie and Popcorn Night

Unwind and enjoy the night with your family and teen with a teen-friendly movie night. Most teens have their favorite movies, movie stars and genres. Let your teen suggest the night's movie and snacks, based on his likes. Pop some popcorn, sit together as a family, lower the lights and turn up the TV. After the film, talk about what you liked about the movie and ask what movie he would suggest for next time or suggest one you think he will like.

Game Night

Nothing gets the family together like friendly competition. Plan a game night with your family and teens. Pick out a board game or video game that can be enjoyed by the skilled or the unskilled, but still engage your teen. Ask your teen what kind of games she likes or would suggest. For the game night, turn off the TV if it's not being used to play the game. Set out plenty of snacks and drinks to limit the time away from the game and family. At the end of the game night, challenge the family for another night to defend their wins or recover their losses.

Music Night

Teens sometimes feel that their parents have no interest in the things they like. Change this by having a family music night. Ask your teen to pick out one of his favorite bands or artists and share this with the family. Play the music and relax as a group. This may be a perfect time to work on other arts, like painting or knitting. Once the music is over, tell your teen what you have enjoyed and what songs you liked. Pick a second group or artist and see if the work is similar.