Evenflo Breast Pump Instructions

The Evenflo Breast Pump is a small, portable device for pumping breast milk while on the go. A breast pump is a useful tool for busy, breast-feeding moms who are not with their baby all day. Using the Evenflo Breast Pump requires brief assembly 1. After the user fully assembles the unit, she can immediately pump at a variety of speeds.

Unpack your Evenflo Breast Pump 12. Read all the instructions in the user manual before you begin assembly.

Locate the small blue tube and the small blue valve. Insert the grooved end of the tube into the bottom opening of the valve to create the valve assembly.

Hold the pump horn upright and insert the valve assembly into the hole behind the horn head. The pump horn is the soft cone that goes over the breast while pumping.

Locate the small purple cap and insert it into the bottom of the small purple valve to create the second valve assembly. Insert the top of this valve assembly into the bottom of the horn unit.

Hold the pump itself in one hand and hold the horn unit in the other. Turn the horn so it is at a 30-degree angle from the pump unit and slide it into the shaft on the front of the pump. Turn the horn to the right to lock it in place.

Screw the baby bottle into the bottom of the horn where you inserted the second valve assembly and set the bottom of the bottle in the bottle stand.

Plug the A/C adapter into the breast pump behind the horn and then plug the other end into the wall. You can also insert three AA batteries into the battery housing unit behind the horn if you want a more portable pump.

Hold the horn of the breast pump snugly over your breast with the nipple in the middle of the horn. You can insert the nipple adapter if the horn is too big. Dip your finger in a cup of water and run it along the edge of the horn to create a seal.

Adjust the suction dial to your desired level of suction and press the "On" button. Pump for as long as your doctor recommends. Press the "Off" button and insert your finger under the horn to remove it from the breast. If there is still moisture on your chest from the water or breast milk, wipe it off with a dry towel.