How to Download the Dora Links™ Doll and Learn More About the All Grown Up Dora Doll by Mattel

Mattel has introduced a grown-up Dora doll called Dora Links. It's an older version of Dora -- roughly 10 years old -- that connects to your computer. Once it's connected, you can play Dora computer games.

Log onto click on "Download" at the bottom right of the screen.

Download Dora's World by clicking "Download" on the screen that appears.

Click "Save File" and designate a place to download the file on your computer.

Click "Run" after the application has downloaded to get started. Follow the instructions that follow.

Connect your Dora doll to your computer through a USB port. You now can enjoy Dora computer games, as well as change Dora's eye color, jewelry color and hair length. Games allow the grown-up Dora doll to work together with her explorer friends by cleaning up their city and learning what it means to be green. You also can download various accessories, fashion packs and more.

Learn all about the grown-up Dora by clicking some of the icons on the main page. For example, you can meet the explorer girls or the neighbors by clicking on those icons and then clicking on individual characters. There's even a book, "The Runaway Puppy," that you can read online.