How do I Use the Nuk Nipple?

Some parents prefer to use the Nuk nipple to feed their babies because it mimics the shape of the mother’s nipple. This can be advantageous for your baby’s oral health, as it should not impede with the positioning of the baby’s teeth. In addition, Nuk nipples can be beneficial in reducing colic and strengthening the baby’s jaw. Feeding your baby a bottle that has a Nuk nipple attached is basically the same as offering a bottle that has any type of nipple on it 1. The difference is the way the nipple fits in the mouth and the way your baby sucks.

Place your milk or formula into a sterilized bottle. Insert the Nuk nipple into its ring, then screw the ring onto the bottle 1. Warm the milk in a water-filled pot on the stove, if desired. Check the temperature to ensure that it is just warm before feeding.

Hold your baby as upright as possible to reduce his chances of choking or gagging. Rub the baby’s mouth with the Nuk nipple and tap it against his top lip to encourage him to open his mouth.

Insert the Nuk nipple into the baby’s mouth as far as he is willing to accept it and is comfortable for him. Nuk nipples are short; therefore, the nipple won’t go as far back into the mouth as others. With a Nuk nipple, the baby should close his lips tightly around the nipple and place his gums around it. If the baby won’t accept the nipple, try adjusting your holding position or burp him and try again later.


It is absolutely normal for babies to reject the bottle when first introduced. The key is to keep trying. The older babies are, the more likely they are to reject the bottle, so start as soon as your doctor gives the go ahead. One of the benefits of the Nuk nipple is that it is similar to a human nipple and can make transitioning from the breast to the bottle a bit easier.

Sterilize your bottles and nipples by placing them in clear, boiling water for two to three minutes.