Disney parade float ideas

Disney originated a cast of thousands of characters in myriad films and cartoons over the decades. Deciding what (and who) to put on a float in a Disney-themed parade can pose a creative challenge. Look to the most popular--and most notorious--Disney characters and settings for float design inspiration.


Paint the float base a bilious green. Construct settings out of chicken wire and paper mache. Settings to depict include Maleficent's castle from "Sleeping Beauty" and Scar's cave hideout from "The Lion King." Populate the float with a panoply of glowering, sneering, icy Disney villains 1. DisneyVillains.net lists dozens from Disney films, among them Captain Hook ("Peter Pan"), Ursula ("The Little Mermaid"), Jafar ("Aladdin"), Cruella de Villa ("101 Dalmatians") and Shan Yu ("Mulan").


Swath the float base in gauzy fabrics, candy-coloured castles and ornate couches and thrones. Recruit girls and women who like dressing up to play Disney princesses and princess-like characters, such as Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty"), Jasmine ("Aladdin"), Snow White ("Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"), Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"), Pocahontas ("Pocahontas"), Ariel ("The Little Mermaid") and Tiana ("The Princess and the Frog"). Some of the princesses should stand. Construct an internal ladder system inside the castle so one or two princesses can appear to be standing on the castle's balcony.

Heroes and Heroines

Pack the float with Disney heroes and heroines 2. UltimateDisney.com named the following as among the most popular Disney heroes and heroines: Aladdin ("Aladdin"), Simba ("The Lion King"), Beast ("Beauty and the Beast"), Buzz Lightyear (the "Toy Story" films), Esmeralda ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame"), Tarzan and Jane ("Tarzan") and Peter Pan ("Peter Pan") 2. Find volunteers to dress up as the characters. Each character should have one distinctive accessory or prop and some sort of action to perform. Assign some characters to sit along the edges of the float with their legs dangling (if the float design allows them to do so safely), some shorter characters to stand, and the tallest characters to stand in an oval, back to back, at the centre of the float. This "layered" arrangement allows all the characters to be visible. Parade watchers will enjoy identifying the different characters.