Diaper Bassinet Instructions

A diaper bassinet is an easy diaper cake to make that allows you to personalize the colors and supplies to match the mother-to-be’s preferences 2. The completed cake makes a great centerpiece for the baby shower. It is also a unique twist on the traditional diaper cake and a fun way to present a gift for the baby 2.

Roll the open end of each diaper inward, until you have a tight roll. Wrap a rubber band around the middle of the diaper to hold it in place. Repeat this process with all 80 diapers.

Place the diapers onto a 13-by-9-inch cake board and attach them using double-sided tape. The diapers should be placed vertically with the first row about an inch from the edge of the cake board. You want diapers on all sides of the board to create a rectangle, three rows deep, with an empty rectangle in the center.

Fold a receiving blanket so it is the approximate shape and size of the empty rectangle inside your diapers. Press the blanket into this hole.

Attach decorative ribbon around the inside of the open rectangle using double-sided tape. The ribbon should be about halfway up the diapers and go around the entire perimeter to add a decorative detail. Repeat this step on the outside of the rectangle.

Attach rosettes and bows to the top of the diapers using double-sided tape.

Use a hot glue gun to adhere a door wreath hanger to the cake board. Attach it to one of the shorter sides of the triangle.

Use a piece of ribbon to attach a piece of tulle to the wreath hanger. Drape the ends of the tulle on the outside of the diapers to create a canopy for your bassinet.

Use a hot glue gun to attach lengths of ribbon to the edge of the tulle to add a decorative trim.

Tie a few small teddy bears or other small toys to pieces of string and hang them from the wreath hanger to create a mobile.

Place a small stuffed animal or other small baby necessities in the center of the diaper bassinet 2.


Do not use hot glue to attach the diapers to the board or to attach the decorations to the diapers. Hot glue will cause the diapers to rip when they are removed. Instead of the wreath holder and tulle, attach a mobile to the cake. Find door wreath holders at a craft store.

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