How to Decorate Candles for a Baby Shower

Candles give any party a more festive feel and brighten up the room with a warm glow. Add decorative touches to your candles to go with a baby shower theme. Be creative by using practical baby items and toys the new mom can use later or add whimsical touches to your candles.

Decorate tall pillar candles with small, useful baby items that the new mom will need. Tie silver or colorful plastic baby spoons, soothers or baby rattles around the candle using a ribbon. Use just one item per candle and use a baby blue ribbon for boys and pink for girls. Tie the items halfway down or at the base of the candle to keep them away from the hot, lighted candlewick.

Use silver charm bracelets to decorate white candles by wrapping the chain around the base of the candle. Baby-themed charms include small soothers, baby carriages, storks and baby shoes. The charm-bracelet and candle can be given to guests as baby-shower favors.

Make tabletop decorations with flowers, tealight candles and small baby bath toys. Use a wide, shallow glass bowl and fill it about two-thirds full of water. Float four or five tealight candles in the bowl and add a few flower heads. Top off the centerpieces with a floating bath toy such as a rubber duck. Color coordinate the decorations by matching the flowers to the toy. You can use sunflowers with a yellow rubber duck or use blue flowers and blue toys for a boy baby.

Place small new or vintage toys around the base a candle to make whimsical decorations. For a boy baby shower, decorate a tall votive candle with small action figures that are "climbing up" the candle or circle a pillar candle with a toy train. Use miniature dolls and tea sets to decorate candles for a girl.

Match your candle decorations to your baby shower theme 1. For a beach baby theme, for example, place white or blue candles in a saucer full of white sand and surround each candle with seashells and pebbles. Add baby shoes on the sand for a creative touch. For a lady bug theme, decorate red pillar candles with black polka dots and add two curled antennae made from black pipe-cleaners to the top of each candle. Ensure that the "antennae" are far enough away from the lighted flame to keep them from melting or don't light the candles; just use them as decoration.


Use non-drip candles to avoid dripping hot wax on the decorations.

Make extra decorated candles as party favor gifts. Place each unused candle in a clear plastic bag and top with a ribbon to give to each guest at the end of the baby shower. Add a label with the name of the new mom and the expected month of delivery.


Lit candles are a fire hazard. Keep flammable decorations and other items away from the open flame. Handle candles with care; silver and metal decorations can become hot if they are close to the candle. Small toys and other plastic decorations can melt due to the heat.

Place lit candles in a safe area and out of reach of small children and guests who might accidently light long sleeves and hair on fire.

Avoid scented candles if any guests have allergies or sensitivities to smells.