December Party Activities for High School Kids

Help your teen plan a December party for her and her high school friends that they won't soon forget. In keeping with the December theme, consider winter and holiday themes for the decorations, as well as the food. You also want to include a variety winter and holiday activities games that will keep the teens entertained. Choose activities that are challenging for high school kids, but also allow the teens to have a blast with their friends.

Holiday Object Games

Play a holiday version of hot potato combined with trivia, using a fruitcake loaf. Have the teens stand or sit in a circle. When the game starts, a timer for a certain amount of time is set. The first person holding the loaf must answer a holiday trivia question read by someone not in the game before being able to pass the loaf to the next person, who must do the same thing. Whoever is holding the fruitcake when the time runs out is out for that round. To make the game funnier, you can make each person that gets out eat a bite of the fruitcake loaf as well. Once all the teens have had a chance to touch each object, remove the blindfolds and have the kids write down the correct objects in the order that they received them. The teen with the most correct answers wins.

Gift Games

Wrap a small gift, such as a gift card in a small cardboard box, then place that in a larger box and wrap that as well. Finish with a ribbon. Have the teens sit in a circle and give the first person oven mitts. When the game starts, the person with the mitts has 10 seconds to try to open the gift as much as they can, using only their hands covered with the oven mitts. When their time is up, they must pass the gift and the mitts to the next person. Whoever is able to get to the gift card during their turn gets to keep it. The teens can also have a gift-wrapping competition, where they compete to wrap a gift as neatly as possible in the fastest time. Give each teen pre-cut gift wrapping paper, tape and a small box to wrap. To make it harder, make the teens keep one hand behind their back while attempting to wrap the gifts.

December Charades

Divide the teens up into teams to play charades using December and holiday themes. You can have the teens try to act out words such as:

  • snowflake
  • mistletoe
  • menorah
  • Santa
  • pine trees
  • wreaths

Make sure the teens are on the same page with the rules. They can only use gestures and body movements to get their teammates to guess the word. Give a point for each word the teams guess correctly. For a more challenging charades game, you can give the teens the names of holiday songs to act out. Include a range of easy song titles, such as Santa Baby and more difficult ones, such as Good King Wenceslas.

Scavenger Hunts

Put the teens into pairs to find holiday-themed items around the party area. Give each pair clues to each item they are to find, such as holiday decorative trinkets, lyrics to holiday songs, candles and holiday cookies and snacks. The team that can find all of the items on the list first wins. You can also make it a larger scavenger hunt, with the teams having to head into town to find items as well as complete certain tasks, such as getting a group of strangers to sing a Christmas song or make a snowman and take a picture of it.

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