Cute Things to Do With Diapers

If you've already made a diaper cake for every one of your pregnant friends and even a few for your own baby's room decor, now is probably the perfect time for some brand-new diaper crafts that are just as adorable as the cake. Whether you have one extra diaper around the house or an entire bag of diapers, you can make a cute decoration to show off at a baby shower or adorn your baby's nursery.

Diaper Cupcakes

Diaper cupcakes are simple crafts and make adorable baby shower favors, room decorations or gifts for a mom-to-be. To make the cupcakes, unfold a disposable diaper, lay it flat on your work surface and fold it in half lengthwise. Roll it up like a jellyroll, and wrap an elastic band around the roll to keep it together. Push the center of the roll upward to make a peaked cupcake shape, and place it in a large, decorative paper cupcake liner. If you're crafty, make the liners yourself from scrapbook paper to coordinate with your nursery's decor or the color scheme of the baby shower. To make an unforgettable diaper cupcake display, embellish the cupcakes with small silk flowers or pacifiers on top.

Diaper Caterpillars

You can adorn a party table or a nursery dresser with an adorable diaper caterpillar. Make the caterpillar's body from newborn-size diapers by wrapping them around chenille sticks to make a curvy body. To make the caterpillar's head, roll two diapers together at one end of the chenille stick and diaper body. Arrange the body on top of tiny baby socks to give the caterpillar its legs, and then glue a pair of googly eyes to the first diaper to give him a face. Slide a pacifier nipple in the center of the first roll to make it look like the caterpillar has a mouth, and insert two chenille stick halves in the upper edge of the first diaper roll to make the caterpillar's antennae.

Diaper Baskets

Present a soon-to-be-mom with a basket full of baby goodies, or fill the diaper basket with your own baby's diaper changing supplies, and keep it near the changing table. To make the basket, start by cutting two cardboard circles for the base. Roll up baby diapers individually like jellyrolls, and wrap elastic bands around them. Use double-sided tape to attach each diaper roll to the base, and wrap a tulle or satin ribbon around the basket to hide the elastic bands. To make the handle, cut a piece of garden wire and slide the ends of the wire into diaper rolls on opposite sides of the basket. Cover the wire with diaper rolls, or coil tulle ribbon around the handle instead.

Diaper Wreaths

If you're hosting a baby shower, this diaper wreath will certainly enhance the decor 12. Of course, it will also look adorable hanging on your own baby's nursery door. Start with an ordinary wreath form -- a polystyrene, garden wire or grapevine wreath will work just fine. Open one diaper, and fold it over the wreath with the ends of the diaper facing outward. Tie a pretty satin ribbon around the diaper to secure it to the form. Fold a second diaper over the wreath, and tie another ribbon in a bow to secure it in place. Squeeze the diapers together; continue to add more until the entire form is full; and then use ribbon to attach other embellishments, such as pacifiers, teething rings and small stuffed animals.