Cute Snowman Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Whether you're helping your toddler explore his creativity and develop his fine motor skills or you're just trying to keep him warm and entertained on a cold, blustery day, some snowman crafts can help you out. Work with your youngster to transform some ordinary stuff around the house into snowmen for the Christmas tree, the kitchen counters and even his rumbling tummy.

Paper Crafts

Your toddler can make snowmen to hang on her wall from three white paper plates. Help her glue the plates one above another, glue on chenille stick arms and a carrot-shaped nose and then let her decorate the character with crayons. If you’d prefer a smaller snowman, just use small, white paper plates instead. To make a fluffy-looking snowman, cut out the shape from construction paper or poster board and let your child decorate it with glue and cotton balls. Alternatively, you can draw a snowman outline on a sheet of construction paper and have her try to glue the cotton balls along the outline to practice her fine motor skills. You can also make a paper snowman from a paper bag. Use a white one or paint the bag white and then help your toddler stuff the bag with old, scrunched up newspaper. Glue the open ends closed and cinch the bag for the head and middle with rubber bands. Add chenille stick arms and let your toddler draw on the snowman's face.

Kitchen Crafts

Make crafting tasty, too, by taking craft time into the kitchen. You can have your youngster help you make a batch of sugar cookie snowmen. Let him help you add the ingredients to the mixing bowl for an introductory lesson in measurement, and then let him mix the ingredients together. He can shape the dough into a ball, help you roll it out and cut out snowman shapes with a cookie cutter. When the cookies are done, decorate them with a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar or white icing. Instead of cookies, you can make marshmallow snowmen by stacking large marshmallows on top of one another and using a little icing to hold the layers together. For a healthy snowman snack, use a melon baller to scoop out sphere shapes from honeydew melon and then help your toddler use a little cream cheese to stack the balls like snowmen.

Container Crafts

Turn a white container into a snowman storage container by having your toddler cover it with cotton balls. Use an upside down cupcake liner for a hat, or slide one of your toddler’s socks over the lid to make the hat instead 1. Make snowmen from empty, plastic water bottles, too. Just squeeze the bottle one-third from the top before you begin the craft and keep it cinched with a rubber band. Let your toddler paint the water bottle white, glue on twig arms, wrap a little fabric scarf around the rubber band and top the snowman with a doll's hat. Help your toddler make a snowman character that can move. Just place a polystyrene cup on your work surface and cut off the top half -- keeping little fingers away -- and then help your toddler stack three or four paper cups upside down on top to make the body. Cut off the bottom third of another cup, draw on a face and place it upside down on top of the rest. Poke chenille stick arms into the sides and wiggle the snowman with his arms.

Crafty Ornaments

Help your youngster make snowmen for the tree so he can show them off to all your holiday guests. Start with three polystyrene spheres and, instead of using toothpicks to join the three balls together, help him insert cotton swabs between each pair instead. This way, he can't prick his finger on the toothpick. You can also make tree ornaments from just one polystyrene ball. Just decorate the ball like the snowman’s head and when your toddler’s finished, attach a loop of ribbon to the top with a sewing pin. Encourage your child to explore tactilely by making snowman ornaments from salt dough. Show him how to roll the dough into balls, press the balls together to build the snowman and then let the dough dry over night. Alternatively, roll out the dough, cut out shapes with a cookie cutter and poke a hole through the top for ribbon. When the dough is dry, your youngster can paint the snowmen with nontoxic paint.