Cute Baby Girl Nicknames

Many baby girls quickly acquire nicknames that suit their physical traits, personality and demeanor. Sometimes, these nicknames fall just short of cute and land in the category of awkward. Choose a cute and simple nickname that is easy to pronounce and easily remembered. Appropriate nicknames often incorporate your shortened portions or sounds of your baby's original given name.

Personality Names

If your little one has a good disposition and an easy-going attitude, give her a nickname that reflects these qualities. Nicknames such as "Sunny" or "Goldie" suit a baby girl who smiles or laughs readily and seldom cries. A name such as "Bunny" can suit a baby girl who is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. For a more serious baby who seems to look at life reflectively, call her "Misty."

Appearance Names

Sometimes, the physical features of a baby are so prominent, they warrant a nickname to celebrate their uniqueness. For example, a baby girl with chubby pink cheeks can be aptly nicknamed, "Pinkie." A baby with big blue eyes can be called, "Sky." Sometimes, a baby's skin is particularly soft and clear, lending her to such nicknames as "Angel," or "Velvet." A baby girl with a petite nose and soulful brown eyes can be "Pixie."

Phonetic Names

Some of the cutest nicknames are from a baby's birth name. For example, the name Adele can convert to "Addie," and the name Madison can shorten to "Memes" or "Maddie." Phoebe converts to "Phoebes." Christina can be “Christie" or "Chrissie," and Beverly can convert to "Bevie." Nicknames ending in soft, 'ie' sounds or the letter, 'y,' suggest a youthful babyhood essence while honoring your child's formal name. Nicknames ending in the letter, 's' hint at a playful nature.

Garden Variety

Many flowers lend themselves to cute nicknames for baby girls. For example, "Lily" for Lillian, "Sweet-Pea" for Samantha, and "Rosie" for Rose-Anne, all imply the softness and scent of flowers often associated with baby girls. Alyssa can be "Lyssa" for short, and the name Callie can take on a botanical flair with the nickname, "Calla."

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