How to Create a Hangout Room for Kids & Teens

Rather than having to drop your teen or kids off at the movies or their friends' houses, create a modern hangout space where your kid and his friends will love to chill 25. Whether they want to play video games, listen to their music or just relax after a long day at school, a hangout room provides the space that teens and kids need while giving you the chance to supervise them in a safe location 5.

Integrate Your Child's Ideas

Ask your teen or kid what he imagines for the space 4. When a child is involved in the process, he may feel a greater sense of ownership in the project and may be more likely to maintain the space.

Add touches to the room that appeal to your child's interests, such as an easel and art space or chalkboard paint to a wall if your child is artistic. A small platform and karaoke machine provide entertainment for kids who like to sing and dance. Glow-in-the-dark stickers or adhesive stars provide an inexpensive decorating scheme for budding astronauts.

Hang personal pieces, such as a large poster of your teen's favorite band, black and white photos that your teen has snapped, or large letters for your kids' initials.

Infuse Color

Paint the walls in the hangout room a bright color 5. If this is too much for you, pick one wall to make a feature wall or use a bright color on the trim. Another option is to add a mural or bold graphic to a wall.

Throw some bright rugs on the floor. This tactic serves two purposes: you add bright colors to the room and you protect your floors from messy kids. Polka dot rugs, rugs with different colored letters or Scrabble-theme rugs add interest to the flooring.

Install vibrant window coverings to the space. Bold stripes, graphics or combinations of colors can help add some visual interest to the architecture of the room.

Install lighting that comes in different colors. You may opt to install lamps that are colorful, colored bulbs or uplighting to provide some extra color. These types of lighting options can give a club feel to the space.

Add Furniture

Add multiple seating areas that are durable and versatile. A cool hangout room is incomplete without having plenty of seating for all of your kids' or teens' friends 5. Multiple seating areas may be helpful if you want kids to be able to complete different activities at the same time, such as watching TV and doing arts and crafts activities. Choose furniture with fabric that is easy to clean since teens and kids are likely to spill drinks and food on furniture. Lightweight or mobile seating options like bean bags or furniture on castors can help kids rearrange the room as they see fit to make space for dancing or playing games.

Place storage devices strategically throughout the room. Whether your kids have tons of video games and consoles or they want to lounge around and read books, storage is a necessity. If you are limited on space, use storage devices that double as other items, such as ottomans that serve as seats and storage or window seats that provide a top to store extra supplies.

Place large game tables in the hangout room, such as table football, card tables, ping pong tables and air hockey tables to encourage competitive play 5.