Convertible Crib Assembly Instructions

A convertible crib allows the crib to grow with your baby beyond infancy. Depending on the crib, it may be possible to convert to not only a toddler bed but to a full-size bed that will stay with your child through his teen years. The instructions to convert a convertible crib to the toddler bed or full-size bed will depend on the crib manufacturer and the model of the crib.

Locate the manufacturer and make of the crib. If you do not know this, look for a sticker located on the crib. This may be on the mattress metal frame, on the lower inside crib frame, under the teething rails. Thoroughly look on every piece of the crib to include the metal mattress frame.

Call the customer service number or visit the manufacturer website. Crib manufacturers often offer replacement manuals for the products sold, even if the model is no longer in production.

Provide the customer service agent with the model of the crib. If you do not know this, ask with the agent to see if you can determine the model. This may be done by providing her with the approximate time as well as the store where you purchased the crib. Provide her with a description of the crib. Once located, ask the agent if there is a way you can download the instructions online if that is your preferred method. Otherwise, the agent will mail the instructions to the address you specify.

Visit the crib manufacturer website if preferred. Search the site for a tab to obtain instructions 1. If you do not see this, look for a contact tab. It may be possible to email the request for the instructions manual. If not, you will need to call the customer service number.

Search the Internet once you have the manufacturer and model number of the crib. Download or view the instructions online if you are able to locate the manual.


It is important to follow the directions for your exact crib and to not skip any steps. This will ensure your child's safety.