How to Combine Two Pictures to Figure Out What People's Children Will Look Like

It's often easy to wonder what your children would look like when you look at your partner. In this day and age of technology, there are websites that allow you to upload photos of you and your mate. Once your photos are uploaded, the website it will "morph" the photos together to see what your offspring may look like 1. Of course it's not scientific and it's mostly just for fun, but it's always interesting to see how your kids may turn out.

Go to a photo-morphing website such as Morph Thing or Make Me Babies 1.

Click on "Start Morphing" if you are on the Morph Thing website, or "Start Here" on the Make Me Babies site 1.

Upload photos from your hard drive, or combine celebrity photos from the website. You can even morph your own photo with a celebrity photo 1.

Click "Morph" on the Morph Thing site, or "Make My Baby" on the Make Me Babies site 1.

View your morphed picture of your possible future offspring.