How to Combine Two Names to Make a Baby's Name

When common, ho-hum names won’t do your baby justice, get creative and make up your own name instead. One option involves combining two names to create a whole new baby’s name. You have several imaginative alternatives in your quest for a new and innovative brand for your precious baby.

Half and Half

Combine two names to create a new name using the first half of one name and the second half of another name. For example, for a girl, combining “Rose” and “Priscilla” might result in “Roscilla.” For a boy, combining “James” and “Peter” might result in “Jater.”

Make it Two

Some names combine well to create a hyphenated or two-name first name. For a girl, possibilities include “Laura-Lynn” or “Amanda Rae.” Hyphenated and two-name boy names are a little less common, but “Steven John” is one option. A one-syllable name also works well to keep it simple.

Amp Up the Originality

When you’re throwing out the name book and designing your baby’s name from scratch, consider creative combinations of family member names 1. One way to do this is to combine the names of both the mother and father for an imaginative name. For example, “Mark” and “Jenny” might become “Marley” for a baby girl or boy.