Color Scheme Ideas for Toddler Girl Bedrooms

Most little girls take their bedrooms seriously and care deeply about how the spaces are decorated. Color plays an integral role in the decor of any bedroom, but it isn't always easy to settle on just one or two hues. Consider the space you're decorating, your daughter's personality and your budget when creating a bedroom worthy of your little girl's praise.

One Color Schemes

If your daughter has a favorite color, use that color to create her bedroom 1. Perhaps a pink princess or pink ballet room would please a little girl who loves pink. A garden room can be a pleasing theme for a toddler girl who likes green. A girl who says blue is her favorite color might like a sky, complete with clouds, fairies and birds, painted on her ceiling. Even bedding and accessories, including picture frames, in your daughter's favorite color can make the room come alive and become a space that shows her budding personality.

Two Color Schemes

If you want to use two colors, it opens a world of additional possibilities into your decorating options. You could paint the bottom half of the walls one color and the top half another color, or paint two walls one of the colors and the other two the second color. You might also paint the walls one color, such as purple, and then paint the furniture a complementary color, such as pink or yellow. Make one of the colors an accent color, particularly if it's a bold color such as neon pink, which many toddler girls love. Bring in throw pillows, lamp shades or a rug in the accent color and use a more neutral color, such as pale yellow or gray, as the primary color in the room.

Multiple Color Schemes

Bedrooms that use a range of hues can be appropriate for a toddler girl. If your daughter likes rainbows or cupcakes, these are the perfect schemes for incorporating many colors into the room. Paint a mural of rainbow or cupcakes on the wall or replace the traditional knobs on the dresser and nightstand with rainbow-colored ones. Wall art can also make a room more colorful and bring in a variety of colors into the bedroom. Choose toddler-friendly prints, such as:

  • fairies
  • unicorns
  • flowers
  • animals
  • so the room is appropriate for your daughter

Additional Considerations

Get your toddler in on the planning. Take her to a home improvement store and show her paint samples. Ask her to point out a few colors she would like in her room. Even if you don't paint the walls those colors, it can give you a starting-off point and some inspiration as you come with your final plan. Consider using neutral furniture, such as white or cherry, because it'll make it easier and more budget-friendly to change the color scheme as your daughter grows. Paint and bedding are fairly cheap and can easily be replaced as your little girl's tastes change.