How to Clean Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks have always been a very popular toy and remain one of the staples of every child's toy box today. However, as any parent knows, these blocks are frequently chewed on, spit up on, and thrown to the dirty floor. These blocks should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Cleaning wooden blocks is quite simple and can be done in just a few easy steps.

Start by deciding which cleaning solution you want to use. Any household spray cleaner should do the trick, but you can also create some cleaning solutions yourself. A bleach solution (1 part bleach to 10 parts water) or a vinegar solution (1 part distilled white vinegar to 1 part water) are effective. If your child still chews on the blocks, a vinegar solution may be best to limit your child's exposure to harsh chemicals.

Put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray onto a rag, or simply pour a bit of the solution on a rag directly. Either way, put the cleaning solution on a rag instead of spraying directly onto the blocks.

Wash the wooden blocks with the rag until they appear clean, then thoroughly rinse them with warm water and allow them to air dry.


There might be an unpleasant odor on the blocks if you use a vinegar cleaning solution, but this odor should fade once the blocks are rinsed and dried off.


Many older wooden blocks may contain lead paint, which is not safe for children. Determine if the wooden blocks are safe and free from lead paint before allowing your child to play with them.

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