Church Games for Pre-Teens

Christian pre-teens can benefit from games with a faith perspective. Your pre-teen can play these at a tween game night event, in Sunday school, at church camp and other times when you want to promote a fun atmosphere that supports your Christian values. Games can encourage Scripture memorization or application of Biblical principles.

Trivia Games

Your tween may enjoy Bible trivia games where she must identify who the Bible character is, based on details of the character’s life, lessons learned by the character, the Bible passage where the story takes place or relationship to other characters, such as the person’s spouse, parent or child. Other identification games require your tween to identify details of a story, the Bible passage where a quote appears, who wrote the passage or the approximate time frame of an event. If your tween is competitive, participation in the games and a desire to win will encourage Bible study. Sample questions include “Who were Samuel’s parents?” and “Who were Abigail’s first and second husbands?”

Memorization Games

Bible memorization games can help your tween retain Scriptures. You can cut a verse up into single words with the Bible reference and have your tween place the verse in the correct order. Your tween can play a version of “Name that Verse” by completing the verse and reference when you provide the beginning words of a Bible verse or the reference. As an additional option, your teen can play Bible verse games in a crossword puzzle, word search or fill-in-the-blank format.

Active Group Games

Group games encourage pre-teens to work cooperatively on a common goal. Enjoyable options include Bible charades where tweens act out the answer or draw it on a board; scavenger hunts where the clues are Bible verses; and relay races where the participants must run to a table and unscramble a Bible verse or quote a familiar verse before returning to the starting line. Tweens can use camera phones on the scavenger hunts to reduce the amount of items brought back to the church. Scavenger clues might include “The Promised Land was known as the land of these two foods in Exodus 3:8” or “God is described as this item in Psalm 42:9.” Tweens need one Bible in the group to help them determine the scavenger hunt item 12.

More Group Games

The pre-teens can compete in teams at the Bible games. Two or more tweens can confer together to determine how a Christian should respond when he isn’t prepared to take a test at school or when he finds a backpack on his lawn that isn’t his. Use situations a tween could face and allow time for the youth to explain his decision. Tweens can also play "Family Feud" or "Jeopardy"-type games where teams must provide multiple answers to categories such as famous Bible couples, Bible parent-child pairs, famous Bible battles and parables of Jesus.