How to Choose Baby Names Using Mother & Father Names

Your child’s name will be what people remember them by, so choose carefully. A child’s name should flow well with their last name. Some parents choose to use their own names when naming a child. The easiest option is to name the child the exact same name as one of the parents. Other options include a combination of names or to create a name from the parents’ names.

Write down the names of the parents.

Write down all the forms of each name, male and female. For example, if the mother's name is Patricia, list Patrick.

Write down various combination of names. Try out different spellings for a unique twist. Think about names that will suit the child throughout their life. Pick a practical spelling.

Say the name out loud several times. Have others say it. Listening to it helps you decide if you like it. Make sure it doesn't sound like a joke or innuendo.