Cheap Things to Put on Diaper Cakes

Shower the new parents with a diaper cake for their bundle of joy 12. Diaper cakes are diapers rolled into layers, or tiers, and decorated with items for the baby. Avoid over extending your budget by choosing inexpensive, yet usable, items to place around the cake. Larger diaper cakes will require more fillers, while smaller cakes will need only a couple of baby items.

Stuffed Animals

Pick an adorable and cuddly stuffed animal to attach to the diaper cake. Stuffed animals can be purchased at a variety of stores and come in all price ranges. Choose a generic animal and base the theme of your diaper cake around that toy. For example, pick a stuffed lion up and attach to the top of the cake. You can make a zoo theme diaper cake with a lion and pick up other inexpensive items based around the colors and theme of the lion.

Travel Size Supplies

Having a small emergency kit on hand for those products that parents either forget to purchase or run out of in a time of need is handy. Travel size products are inexpensive because of their small size. Purchase a container of travel size wipes, small powder, shampoo and lotion. Add these items randomly around the cake as "fillers" to make the cake look more abundant without spending a fortune.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing and accessories can get expensive if you shop at the last minute. Avoid overspending and purchase clothing and accessories ahead of time to get markdowns and sale prices. Clothing and accessories can include:

  • bodysuits
  • one-piece outfits
  • bibs
  • socks
  • shoes
  • sunglasses
  • hats
  • swimsuits

Clothing can also be used to distinguish between a boy and girl diaper cake.

Baby Necessities

Spoil the new baby with the small, inexpensive, everyday items she will need during her first few years of life. These items can include pacifiers, which can be purchased to match a theme such as the jungle, spoons for feeding, teething rings and small bottles that can be used as backups. The bottles can also be purchased to represent theme colors. Baby necessities can be found at the dollar stores and in the dollar bins at major retailers.