Charities to Help Single Parents

Single parenting can be challenging and difficult, with the responsibilities of maintaining a household, working and caring for a child. The pressure and stress can be overwhelming on top of the many household bills and expenses of raising a growing child. Many charities are available to help single parents all over the country. Assistance with finding employment, housing and other support are offered to single parents through these charities.

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is headquartered in Exton, Pa. The charity strives to put an end to and prevent homelessness for women and their children. Volunteers of Bridge of Hope assist single mothers with finding safe housing and stable employment so that they can become financially self-sufficient. Bridge of Hope also helps women to develop nurturing and lifelong friendships that can offer them support and fellowship.

Florence Crittenton Services

Located in Charlotte, N.C., the Florence Crittenton Services facility is one of the country's largest residential pregnancy programs. Since 1903, the charity has been helping pregnant women throughout North and South Carolina. During a woman's pregnancy, Florence Crittenton Services offers a safe environment, medical care and education. Additionally, counselling services and family planning are offered along with parenting skill classes. Scholarships also are available to women.

Climb Wyoming for Single Mothers

Since 1986, the CLIMB program has been utilising a model that trains women for higher paying jobs and helps them to attain a better qualify of life for themselves as well as their children. Women are trained in construction, energy trades, health care and office positions. The program includes mental health services that focus on improving the mother's way of life as well as breaking habits that have stood in the way of her success in the past.

The Nurturing Network

The Nurturing Network exists to provide support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy 2. The international organisation works individually with each woman seeking support to help her choose a program that suits her individual needs. Medical services, legal counsel, safe and nurturing living arrangements, counselling, education and employment opportunities are available. This program is active in all 50 states.