Catholic Saint Costume Ideas for Kids

The holiday of Halloween came to be because of the Catholic holiday, All Saints Day 1. Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, is the day before All Saints Day, and over the years, the holiday that we now know as Halloween transpired. Today, many Catholic families are making a shift from celebrating Halloween and putting the focus back on the religious holiday on which Halloween was founded. With this focus on this Catholic holiday, many families are dressing their children up to resemble Catholic saints.

Saints from the Bible

Some of the most famous saints come from the Biblical era. These saints include Peter, Paul, Joseph and John. In order to create a Biblical saint costume for your child, begin with a solid-colored plain robe and cut the sleeves off. Have your child wear a long-sleeved white shirt and then place the robe over the shirt. Tie a length of robe around his waste and place a cloak over his shoulders. Complete the look with a rosary or a cross. A girl can start with the same basis for her costume, but place a veil over her head.

Combat Saints

Many Catholic saints fought in holy wars 1. To create costumes for saints like Joan of Arc, Martin and Michael, purchase a toy suit of armor for your child. Have your child wear black or brown pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Place the toy suit of armor on your child and have him carry a shield and a sword. You can also add a cross or rosary beads.

Holy Nuns

Nuns devote their lives to the Catholic faith, and many of them have been named saints 1. To dress your child as a saint who was a nun, such as Mother Theresa or St. Catherine of Siena, dress your child in a plain, solid-colored robe. Choose a robe that matches the color of the vestments worn by the nun -- brown for Mother Theresa, for example. Place a white round collar around your child's neck, as well as a veil. Complete the look with a cross or rosary beads.


There are also several monks who have been named saints. In order to dress your child like a monk who has been named a saint, dress him in a solid-colored robe. Choose a robe that matches the robe worn by the saint -- brown for Saint Anthony, for instance. A corded belt tied around the waist and appropriate accessories will complete your child's transformation. For example, if your child is dressing as St. Thomas, he can carry a pen and a book.

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