How to Buy Happy Meal Toys

Have you ever wanted a Happy Meal toy, without the Happy Meal? You might want to save yourself the embarrassment of ordering a Happy Meal for yourself, or maybe you just don't want the extra food. No matter the reason, McDonald's does allow its Happy Meal items to be sold a la carte, but you will need to request it from them.

Drive to the McDonald's restaurant of your choice. If you know that the toy you want is at one McDonald's, drive there.

Inform the clerk that you would like to purchase a Happy Meal toy. Be sure to state that you just want the toy and do not want to purchase a Happy Meal.

Pay for the toy after the clerk rings it up on the counter.


Sometimes you'll get a clerk that is confused about your request, or states that you must purchase a Happy Meal in order to buy the toy. If this is the case, ask to see the manager or supervisor and explain what you want from the restaurant.

For the sake of convenience for yourself and other customers, you should make your request inside the restaurant, rather than at the Drive-thru.


Most McDonald's restaurants are only limited to the toys they have on stock. Do not get insistent on them giving you a toy they do not have. The stock changes on a scheduled period, from days to weeks, depending on the restaurant.

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