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How to Buy Baby Clothes Without Knowing the Baby's Gender

By Contributor ; Updated April 18, 2017
Buy Baby Clothes Without Knowing the Baby's Gender

How to Buy Baby Clothes Without Knowing the Baby's Gender. You want to buy gifts for a baby shower or buy clothes for your unborn child. You know pink is for girls and blue is for boys, but what if you don't know the baby's gender yet? Buying baby clothes when you don't know the baby's gender doesn't have to be tough task. Turn it into a fun and interesting shopping task.

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Purchase baby clothes that are everyday necessities. Onesies, or one-piece baby outfits, baby jumpers, robes and T-shirts are baby clothes you, or the parents you're buying for, will always need. Remember to try to find gender-neutral colors, like white, black, red, green or yellow, that will be suitable for boys and girls.

Buy clothes that stand out in the crowd. Look for clothes with unique gender-neutral phrases like "Bald Is Beautiful." Or you can buy clothes with phrases that refer to their parents like "My Mom Is a Fox."

Find baby clothes that reflect the parents' style. If you're buying clothes for a baby shower and know the parents' favorite musical artists, buy clothes with the artist's name.

Acquire all the animals you can find. Look for baby clothes with animals like cows, cats and bears. These items are gender-neutral, and you can buy them in various colors, designs and styles.

Obtain accessories according to the season. Mittens, hat and sweater sets and booties in various colors are the perfect addition to baby wardrobes during cooler months.

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