How to Build a Nanny Cam

How to Build a Nanny Cam. With reports of child abuse more prevalent in the news, and more parents needing to work away from the home to support their families, nanny cams are common place. Outfitting your home with nanny cams as a household safeguard and to provide peace of mind is costly unless you learn to build the nanny cam yourself.

Purchase the basic components of your nanny cam, smart miniature board camera, wireless transmitter and 9-15 volt dc transformer. Select a camera that is no larger than a dime, is noise-free, has a range of about 70 feet, has motion activated recording and has a pinhole lens. Any surveillance website (see Resources) sells the components necessary as well as fully-assembled nanny cams.

Decide what household item to use for holding the nanny cam. Use an item that is easy to move around and does not appear out of place in the room once it is set up. The typical items include a clock radio, smoke detector, small stuffed animal like a teddy bear or speakers.

Connect all components before placing the nanny cam into the household item for a test run. Be sure the camera connects to the transmitter and power source functions. Then take the nanny cam apart so it can be placed inside the household item.

Assemble the nanny cam inside the chosen household item starting with the camera lens. Secure the camera lens against the opening with hot glue or super glue. Once reassembled, connect the transformer to the power source, typically a battery in an item such as a clock radio. Then close the item and put it in place.

Test that the camera sends a signal to a video recorder if your camera does not have recording capabilities of its own. Also, test the motion sensor so you do not waste your battery life.

Things You Will Need

  • Miniature camera
  • Wireless transmitter
  • Transformer
  • Household item
  • Hot glue or super glue


Keep the device cool and out of direct sun, because if it overheats it will become noisier and may be detected.