Birthday Game Ideas For Teens & Preteens

Teens and preteens often like to plan birthday parties to celebrate another year of getting older with family and friends. Preparing games is a big part of the party planning process 1. Simple games can be one form of entertainment for party guests and provide them with an active way of having fun.

Treasure Hunt

Hide small prizes like candy, key chains or stickers in your home or backyard. Turn off all the lights or wait until it is dark. Provide each teen or preteen with a flashlight and a paper bag. Have teens and preteens use the flashlight to search through your home or yard for the treats and put them in their bags. Once all the treats are found, tell teens and preteens they can keep what they've collected.

Relay Race

Create a start and finish line in a wide, open space. Tell teens and preteens to divide into pairs. Have the pairs stand side by side and put their arms around each others' waists. The pair's inside legs should touch. Have them tie a bandana or scarf around their touching legs. On the word "Go," have the pairs race to the finish line. The pair who gets to the finish line first wins the game.

Karaoke Singing

Write names of several popular songs on slips of paper. Put the slips of paper in a hat and shake it up. Have teens and preteens divide into groups of two or three. Have each team pick a name out of the hat. Give the teams 20 minutes to remember most of the lyrics of the song and write them down. Then, have each team get up to a microphone and perform its song karaoke style. The team who does the best version of the song and correctly knows most of the lyrics wins the game.

Obstacle Course

Use simple items like large plastic hoops, jump ropes and balls to create an obstacle course in your yard. Set up the items as mini games such as rows of hoops to jump through or ropes to swing on. Divide teens and preteens into two teams. Explain to them that all players must go through the obstacle course and go back to their team to tag the next player. The team that gets all its team members through the obstacle course first wins the game.