How to Become a Nanny

How to Become a Nanny. A nanny cares for children in their home, providing them with meals, physical care and daily activities. The nanny might live in the home full-time or be an employee who is there only during the parents' absence.

Baby-sit a lot while you are in high school. You will soon discover if you want a job that requires you to spend each day with children.

Take basic home economics courses in high school and child-care, first-aid and cooking courses in vocational or adult education schools. As a nanny, you will prepare meals for the children and be responsible for their physical care.

Consider attending a special school to become a certified nanny. You will stand out above minimally skilled nannies and be able to command a higher salary. Ask your state employment office or household employment agencies for a list of schools whose graduates they send out on interviews.

Register with local employment agencies. Bring a resume that shows your previous child-care experience, your related skills and verifiable references.

Discuss with a potential employer the days you are expected to work and the exact nature of your duties. To avoid misunderstandings, make certain you both agree about your responsibilities related to doing laundry, housekeeping and cooking for the family.

Understand that if you are given room and board, your salary may be minimal. Remember that your employer is required by law to deduct taxes and social security contributions from your earnings.

Ask about medical insurance and vacation if this is to be a full-time job.

Things You Will Need

  • Career Counseling
  • Personal Organizers
  • Computers
  • first-aid, cooking, child-care courses
  • résumé software


You need to be an organized person to handle active children. Accept the fact that some kids don't take naps.


Be prepared to have an emotional reaction if the family no longer needs a nanny once the children are older.