Backyard Games for Teens

From noisy video games to roughhousing with each other, a group of rowdy teenagers can leave your house in disarray. Instead of indoor activities, send them outside to the backyard to give them plenty of room to play games and give you peace of mind.

Relay Races

A backyard has a sufficient amount of space for teens to participate in relay races. Create a start and finish line in a open grass area. Divide the teenagers into pairs. Have one teen in each pair use a bandana to tie his left leg to his partner's right leg and line up at the start line. On the word "Go," each pair must walk as fast as they can to the finish line. The first pair to reach the finish line is the winner. For a humorous modification, have each of the teens carry an egg on a spoon to the finish line. If the egg drops, the teen must go back to the start line and start again. Declare the teen who is able to get to the finish line first as the winner.

Scavenger Hunts

The backyard is fitting for a teen scavenger hunt because it has ideal hiding places 2. Create a list of riddles about common objects found in nature, such as a red leaf, for the teens to collect. Each teen will have to first figure out the riddle to what they need to find and look around the yard for it. Give the teens baskets or bags to place their items in. The teen who correctly finds all the items is the winner. Consider having a glow-in-the-dark scavenger hunt, wait until nighttime and hide glow-in-the-dark jewelry items through out the yard 2. Let the teenagers keep all the jewelry they find as prizes.

Water Games

Water games are appropriate for the backyard 3. Teenagers can put on their bathing suits and will have plenty of room to get wet. Find a hose that has a nozzle that produces a steady and straight stream of water. Use the stream of water as a limbo stick. The teens must maneuver their bodies under the water without getting wet. Keep lowering the stream and it will get harder and harder for them to go under. If they are unable to get under the stream or get wet, they are out of the game. Continue playing until only one teen is left. For a different game, provide one teen with a spray water bottle, let him use the water to tag the others. If a teen is tagged, he is eliminated from the game. The last teen standing is the winner.

Food Fun

The backyard setting will give the teenagers free range to participate in messy food games. Set up a table with large bowls full of cooked spaghetti and tomato sauce on an outdoor table. Hide money or coins inside each of the bowls. Ensure that each teenager in the group has one. Have each teen stand in front of a bowl and let him use his hands to search the bowl for prizes. Allow the teens who find the money to keep it. A classic pie-eating contest will be enjoyable for teens. Place different-flavored pies on a table and cover each with whipped cream. On the word "Go," each teen must eat his pie as fast as he can. The teen who eats his pie the fastest wins the game.