Baby Crafts Ideas

Whether you are planning a gift for a baby shower or just want to provide a gift to the mother-to-be, baby crafts are one way to display gifts. The benefit of a crafted baby gift is that it is attractive to look at, and since it's made from baby supplies, it's functional as well.

Diaper Cake

Traditional diaper cakes are rolled diapers that are stacked together to look like a tiered cake. These cakes can be a small two-tiered cake or a large five-tiered cake. After the diapers are stacked, small baby items are stuffed around the diapers to decorate the cake. Common items include pacifiers, bottles, rattles and shampoo. Although the traditional cakes are tiered cakes, you can branch out and make other things out of diapers, such as animals or bassinets. No matter what shape your diaper cake takes, once the baby is born, the parents can disassemble the cake and use the supplies to take care of the new bundle of joy.

Sock Bouquets

Sock bouquets, much like diaper cakes, are often given as a shower gift. They are created by rolling baby socks into a rosebud shape 2. Then the sock flowers are placed onto the end of craft wire or the stems of silk flowers. Once the sock flowers are completed, they can be put into a vase and displayed like a floral bouquet. These bouquets also can be made out of other small baby items, such as onesies, T-shirts and washcloths. If you want a multicoloured bouquet, try using socks in different colours and sizes.

Boo Boo Bunnies

A boo bunny is a washcloth that has been formed into the shape of a bunny. The bunny can hold a plastic ice cube to treat minor bumps and bruises. A basic washcloth, in whatever colour you choose, is rolled and twisted and then held in place with rubber bands. The face is made with googly eyes and a pom-pom. The tail also is a pom-pom. Decorative ribbon can be tied around the bunny’s neck to add more embellishment. Although boo bunnies are the more common animal, other animals can be made as well, including a boo chick.