Awesome Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

Halloween is a festive time of year for adults and kids alike. It kicks off the holiday season and festivities, putting most in a jovial mood. Halloween gets people in the mood for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season, but without the pressure of big meals and gifts. Many teens like to make a big deal out of Halloween, but may feel too old for trick or treating, so having an awesome party helps teens take part in festivities at an age-appropriate level. Get creative to make it a party to remember.


Picking a theme is pretty easy, but you need to decide on how scary you want it to be. Do you want to base it on Hollywood and have everyone dress up as their favorite celeb, dead or alive? Line the walkway with stars to resemble the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" and have a grave yard dedicated to dead Hollywood icons -- you can find tombstones at the dollar store. Or you can have everyone come as characters from a favorite TV show or movie. For the decorations, hang posters from the show or film and have it playing on the TV. Make sure the host is dressed to the nines, setting the tone for the party.


For the decorations, you don't need to spend a ton of money at the party store. You can find simple things to make your party unique at the dollar store or even laying around the house. Fill your tub with water and add red food coloring, cut the hair off a wig and leave it floating on top for a creepy surprise in the bathroom. A fog machine adds spook. Place glow sticks in dark or dim-lit rooms for a creepy factor. For some gross Halloween decorations, add plastic bugs to mason jars with green colored water and place them around the tables. Add some pumpkins and tie in a few things to your theme -- maybe a few Hollywood signs or celebrity tomb stones.


This is a party that you don't have to cater. Making things yourself will just vamp up the fun factor. For drinks, freeze a few gloves filled with water. Place them in a bowl of punch and throw some glow sticks in and call it Witches Brew. Go with several finger foods as snacks, such as popcorn balls, cookies in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts and spiders, as well as candy apples and pizza cut party style. Have slices of mozzarella cheese shaped as ghosts and use dried spices for the eyeballs and nose. Add olive spiders to the pizza -- slice black olives in half length-wise for the bodies. Slice some olives in half and then again length-wise to create four legs. Anchor them to the cheese and place on decorative plates. Fest things up with orange and black napkins, plates and cups.


Halloween games are a must for teens at a party 12. Create a game for your theme, so if you went with Hollywood, hold an awards ceremony. Have your guests vote on a piece of paper for best dressed, craziest costume, most daring and cutest couple. For the TV/movie theme, you can play charades and have guests act out different television shows and movies. Of course bobbing for apples is a classic Halloween game that is simple to pull off. Just add water and apples to a bucket and have the kids dive in. End the night by toasting marshmallows around a fire, or on the porch, and telling ghost stories, playing the Ouija board or reading tarot cards.