How to Attach a Toddler Car Seat to Rolling Luggage

Traveling with young children is complicated. The amount of luggage and your concerns about safety increases exponentially with each child 1. Attaching your toddler’s car seat to your rolling, carry-on luggage makes navigating the airport easier and ensures that, once you reach your destination, your child will be able to travel in a car seat that is familiar him and that you know is safe. All this can be accomplished for the cost of a short length of chain.

Push the last link of your chain into the open end of one of your car seat's lower connectors until it clips into the connector.

Stretch out the length of chain and lay it flat on the ground.

Lay the back of your luggage on the ground, centered on top of the chain.

Lay your car seat on its back, on top of your luggage.

Push the other end of your chain against the open end of your car seat's remaining lower connector until it clips into the connector. Use links further up the chain to get as tight a fit as you can, if needed, without tightening the straps on the car seat.

Stand your car seat and luggage upright.

Run the car seat tether over the top of your luggage. Weave the tether straps through or around handles on your luggage as necessary.

Clip the top tether hook to a link in the middle of your chain.

Position your car seat as high on the luggage as possible, and tighten the tether strap.

Adjust the straps on the lower connectors so that the chain is straight across the back of your luggage.

Tighten the straps on the lower connectors as tight as you can.


Your car seat will stay more securely fastened if your luggage is packed full. After going through these steps once, the straps will be set close to the right position, enabling you to redo the process more quickly. Do not force a chain that is too thick into your car seat anchor, or you may have trouble getting it back out. Put the car seat and luggage through airport security separately.


Always check manufacturer’s warnings and instructions when using any car seat. Do not place your child in a car seat attached to luggage.