How to Assemble Thomas Plastic Train Tracks

Thomas the Tank Engine is a leading character in the Railway Series of books by the Rev. W. Awdry, who originally told the stories for his son who was confined to bed with the measles. The first book was published in 1945. Its success led to 25 more books, followed decades later by a television series and toy train sets featuring Thomas and his railroad friends. The train sets come in wood and plastic 1.

Select one of the track layout diagrams included with the train set.

Locate the key in the bottom left of the train layout page 12. The key will detail the types of track segments in the layout. For example, "ST" stands for straight track; "CT" stands for curved track; "AT" stands for ascending track. Become familiar with the terms.

Assemble the track segments. The ruler might help you determine their length, as each segment on the layout has a length given in inches. The segments have a male and female end on each end. Place the male end into the female end, and the female end into the male end, and press them together until you hear a "snap" or feel the track segments lock into place.

Continue to assemble the track segments, following the diagram, until you have completed the layout.