Arts & Crafts for Children's Birthday Parties

Children's birthday parties seem to have gotten more lavish and complicated over the years, but children haven't. A few games, a craft project or two and some sugary treats are all most kids need to have an amazing time. However, organizing all that can be overwhelming for party parents; especially when they imagine eight kids running around their family room with finger paints. But it doesn't have to be that way. Arts and crafts for children's birthday parties can be fun.

Sticker Scenes

Most children love using stickers; they will be happy to stick them anywhere, including their faces and the walls around them. Party hosts can help prevent that by providing backgrounds for the kids to use their stickers on. You can find themed background and sticker sets at craft stores, such as a jungle background and animal stickers or an outer space background and space ship stickers. To encourage more creativity, though, you can have children draw their own backgrounds with crayons and then add the stickers to tell their own stories. Parents can choose stickers that follow the party theme and have guests make the appropriate backgrounds, or parents can mix up many different kinds of stickers and see what kind of kooky scenes kids can create.

Craft Stick Fun

Craft sticks are versatile, affordable and they won't drip on your carpet. Children can use them to create their own puppets, for example. They can cut out construction paper or fabric to add clothes, limbs and heads to craft sticks, or glue on body parts and clothing that parents have already cut out for them. If you choose the wider craft sticks, kids can even draw on them with markers, either to turn them into puppets or to make a cool design. You can also use crafts sticks to make bridges, houses or some other kind of fanciful structure. Kids can use white glue or wood glue to attach the sticks to each other, either as flat shapes or in 3-D shapes, depending on how much time and how many craft sticks there are. Parents can encourage kids to follow the party theme by choosing which craft stick activity to do and providing materials best suited to the theme, such as having tin foil to make space suits for a space-themed party.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Another drip-free craft material is pipe cleaners. Then can be bent into shapes from circles to hearts to bunnies and twisted together to make just about anything. For a princess or diva themed party, parents can show guests how to attach a few pipe cleaners together to make bracelets, necklaces and tiaras. Children could even attach beads to the pipe cleaners to make them more glamorous. Non-divas can still have fun with pipe cleaners, though. Kids can twist two colors together to make them look like birthday candles or they twist several together and bend them to look like animals or astronauts.

Treat Craft

Start this craft by giving each guest a large, round piece of brown construction paper. Explain that this is their practice cookie and they are to decorate it with markers, stickers, construction paper pieces or a combination thereof. If your birthday kid prefers cupcakes, then you can do this project with a cupcake. When the children finish their practice cookie or cupcake, take them to the decorating table. Then let each kid make their real treat craft, a sugar cookie or cupcake decorated with frosting, sprinkles and candy. Try to get a picture of each treat before it is eaten!