Toddler Parties

Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party Ideas


A homemade invitation sends the message loud and clear that this is a Sleeping Beauty party. One option is to cut a tiara from paper to share the party details with guests. Use gold paper for the cutouts to make them look like the tiara that Sleeping Beauty wears on her head. Add a few stick-on gems to add sparkle to the tiara invitations. After the tiaras are decorated, you can write all of the necessary party information on the other side. Another option is to announce the party on a royal scroll. Roll up the scrolls and tie them with a pink ribbon to match Sleeping Beauty's dress.


Pictures of Aurora make a simple decoration idea for the party, along with balloons and streamers in pink and gold to match her clothing. Another option is to recreate scenes from the Sleeping Beauty story. Aurora spends time in the forest in a cottage. A large appliance box works as a makeshift cottage. Paint and decorate the box, cut windows and make a door so the kids can play in it. Trees cut from large sheets of paper and taped to the walls add to the forest feeling.


The Sleeping Beauty soundtrack playing in the background sets the stage for the party. Crank up the music from the movie and have a Sleeping Beauty dance party. Another option is to do princess makeovers on the guests. Primp each guest with a coat of nail polish, body glitter and some lip gloss -- with parents' permission, of course. While you're at it, set up a tiara-decorating station so the aspiring princesses can make their own Aurora tiaras. Party games offer another entertainment option. A picture of Aurora makes the base for a game of Pin the Tiara on Sleeping Beauty. Each girl needs her own paper tiara that she pins on the picture with her eyes blindfolded. Another game idea is to awaken Sleeping Beauty. One girl lies on a couch with her eyes closed. The other players try to make her giggle, thus waking her.


Every guest at a Sleeping Beauty party needs her own tiara. Whether she makes it as a craft project or receives a tiara you purchase, the girls all get to imagine themselves as Sleeping Beauty with this favor. Most party supply stores offer an assortment of princess stickers, tattoos, sunglasses, noisemakers and other party treats. Look for treats that have Sleeping Beauty on them to fill the treat baskets.

Fun & Cheap Ideas for a Toddler's Birthday Party

Water and Sand

Kids love water and sand, so feature them in a backyard party. On your invitations, ask parents to bring their children in bathing suits. They should also come with a towel and a change of clothes. Buy two kiddie pools. Fill one with water and put different water toys in it. Consider anything your toddler would play with in the bathtub, such as floating ducks, waterproof dolls or water guns. Fill the other pool with sand from a home and garden store. Place sand toys, such as buckets and shovels, in that pool. Playing in the sand and water will keep the toddlers entertained for hours.


You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a fun princess party for your little girl. Give each girl a cardboard tiara from a party store when she arrives. Let the little girls make princess wands by decorating paper towel tubes and gluing streamers to the end. Borrow princess dress-up clothes from several friends and combine them with your daughter's dress-up clothes. Let the girls dress like princesses and have a fashion show for their parents.


Toddlers like to build things. Throw a construction party for the little builder in your life. Decorate with large pictures of different tools, such as hammers, saws and screwdrivers. Once all the children have arrived, give each a plastic hard hat from a toy or party store. The children can wear the hard hats as they head outside for a fun activity. Using a large cardboard box, take two of the flaps on the top of the box and tape them together at a point. Now, you have a box that is shaped like a house. Draw a door and windows on the house. The toddlers can now decorate the house or finish building it. Give them chalk or crayons to color the outside of the house. Help them glue on sheets of construction paper for the roof tiles.

Activities to Keep Little Girls Entertained for a Short Time

Creative Activities

You don't need to bust out the glitter in the dentist's waiting room, but keeping a few creative tools on hand is way to entertain your little girl at a moment's notice. A simple package of non-toxic crayons and a miniature princess coloring book are great ways to keep a little girl busy. If your kiddo is more likely to eat the crayon or use it to decorate the wall, a small container of non-toxic molding clay and a small plastic cookie cutter or hammer will do the trick as well.


Dolls, dolls – and more dolls! Keep a number of miniature doll sets -- complete with wardrobes and accessories – in your bag. Doll sets are great for girls past the age when small parts are still a choking hazard. For girls younger than age 3, bring along a soft, cloth baby doll or a miniature Barbie-style doll with at least one outfit change. Little girls can often entertain themselves for quite a while, simply by dressing and undressing a doll.

Brain Games

Brain games will not only engage your little girl and keep her thinking, but they also don’t require any materials or parts. For toddlers, play simple cognitive word games like trying to see if your little girl can point out all the blue items in the room, or all the items that have a circular shape. Older girls will enjoy thinking of words that start with each letter of the alphabet. Alternate turns, so your little girl doesn't feel like you’re drilling her.

Sticky Stickers

A package of stickers will go a long way when it comes to entertaining little girls. Simply peeling and transferring the stickers from the original sheet to a small notebook will keep toddler-aged girls occupied for some time. Older girls are more likely to care about the specific stickers, so stock up on a few sheets of sparkled stickers, or whatever type your little girl likes, the next time you're near the craft store. Carry them with you -- and only take them out when you need a quick source of entertainment.

Ideas for Indoor Activities for a Three Year Old Princess Birthday Party

Arts and Crafts

Help the girls make princess tiaras to start the princess birthday party off. All you need is a bunch of plastic headbands, pipe cleaners and colorful beads. Bead all the pipe cleaners, then have the kids wrap them around the headbands to create a tiara shape. You can also have the kids make fairy princess wands using paper towel tubes painted white for the handles. Allow the children to put glitter glue all over the handles. Cut out paper stars and attach them to one end of the paper towel tubes, along with a few thin ribbons to complete the look.

Princess Activities

Set up a tea party that includes bite-size, toddler-friendly snacks such as cut-up fruit, cheese cubes and crackers. Instead of a traditional cake, you can give each little princess her own petit four cake. Have the girls dress up their princess outfits with girly accessories such as princess heels, necklaces, large rings and bracelets. Dressing up and playing with the accessories will keep the girls occupied for much of the party.


Play a few princess-themed games, such as pin the tiara on the princess. You can blow up any picture of a princess character and a picture of a tiara for this game. Another game toddlers might like is princess freeze, which is just like freeze dance except you play songs from popular princess movies. You can also do a princess scavenger hunt, hiding princess character toys around the play area.

Princess Movies

If you have the time, put on your daughter's favorite princess movie. Since it is still hard for toddlers to sit still for long, it's a good idea to fast forward to the parts where the characters are singing and the kids know the songs. An alternative is to show a shorter, straight-to-DVD princess-themed movie, such as the Barbie princess series. It's also a great way to get the little princesses to drift off for a much-needed nap so you can start cleaning up.

Party Ideas for 2-Year-Old Girls

Princess Party

Many little girls are into princesses, so consider throwing a princess party for the 2-year-old girl in your life. Ask the guests to dress in princess costumes or have costumes on hand for them to change into when they arrive. You could also give each girl a tiara as she arrives at the party. Play games with a princess theme, such as Pin the Tiara on the Princess, serve a cake shaped like a princess's tiara and screen a movie that has a princess as a main character. The little girls will enjoy feeling like they are princesses for a day.

Bouncy House Party

Although some people might think that little girls are delicate, they still like to play. Consider throwing a bouncy house party for the 2-year-old in your life. Rent several bouncy houses from a local party supply centre, such as a simple bouncy house anda house that incorporates a slide and other features. The little girls will be able to jump in the houses all afternoon and have fun being active.

Water and Sand

When you are throwing a party for a 2-year-old girl in the summertime, consider planning it outdoors to take advantage of the warm weather. Purchase several children's pools and set them up in your backyard. Fill several pools with water and some with sand. Ask the party guests to dress in their swimming costumes and let them play in the sand and water. Place some water toys in the pools, such as floating ducks, and some buckets and shovels in the sand pools. The children can move back and forth between the water and sand to feel like they are spending a day at the beach.

Arts and Crafts

Many little girls enjoy creating things, so consider throwing an arts and crafts party for the 2-year-old girl. Plan a few arts and crafts activities that all the little girls will be able to handle. For example, pass out small terra cotta pots and let the girls paint them with designs of their choice. Once the pots are dry, help them plant flowers in their pots. You could also give each little girl a T-shirt and help her decorate the shirt with paints, beads, sequins and other embellishments.