Diaper Cakes

How to make a baby carriage diaper cake

Stand the diapers on end in a rectangle shape. Have someone help you hold them in place and double wrap the rectangular shape with the white twine or cording. Tie and knot to secure. Measure around the rectangle and write down your measurement, plus one inch.

Cut two pieces of the wide lace at the length you have written down. Wrap one layer of the wide lace around the centre of the diapers. Overlap an inch and secure with a diaper pin. Wrap a second layer at the top of the diapers. Pin to secure.

Lay the burp pads flat on your work surface. Fold in thirds lengthwise. Roll tightly into a wheel shape. Pin with small safety pins to secure.

Tear or cut off half a dozen three to four inch pieces of white medical adhesive tape. Turn the pieces wrong side out and join the ends. Place the sticky circles on the cake board or cardboard rectangle.

Place diapers on to the tape rolls on the cake board or cardboard rectangle.

Place a piece of rolled tape on each of the burp pad wheels. Stick to the sides of the diaper carriage cake.

Tie a bow in the bib strings. Turn bottom side up with the rounded portion of the bib at the top. Curve the bottom of the bib and place at the back of the diapers. It will resemble the rounded hood on a carriage. Use small safety pins to attach it to the wide lace and secure in place.

Wrap a piece of 1 inch wide satin ribbon around the top of the diapers and bring the ends to the back of the bib. The safety pins can be covered by the satin ribbon. Tie a bow at the back of the pram diaper cake to secure the ribbon piece.

Wrap a piece of 1 inch ribbon around the bib centre. Pull the ends to keep the bib rounded and tie a simple "shoe lace" bow which appears to be inside the hood of the carriage.

Wrap 1 inch wide ribbon around the neck of the stuffed animal. Make a simple bow for a decorative touch. Place the stuffed animal inside of the carriage by leaning it against the ribbon bow in the hood. This is the baby.

Cover the lap of the baby with the washcloth blanket. Place rattle next to the baby. Add in other little light weight gifts such as a thermometer and nail clippers to the baby diaper carriage cake if desired.


You can use real cloth diapers instead of the disposable ones.


Use only medical tape sparingly to secure the diapers. Other tapes will tear them.

How to make a diaper cake train

Purchase the items for the diaper cake based on the decor of the baby shower. Remember, every piece will be used by the parents.

Roll nine of the diapers into three long tubes by stacking three on top of each other and wrapping the edges together. Wrap them in ribbon to secure the tubes. You can either tie a bow or dab a small amount of hot glue onto the ribbon ends to hold them together, but do not get any on the diapers.

Place the diaper tubes on the board side-by-side next to each other; these will serve as the wheels for the train. Use a dab of hot glue on the ribbon to secure the wheels to the board. Poke flowers in the end of the tubes if you wish for added decoration.

Spread the receiving blanket on the ground and place eight diapers in four stacks of two next to each other onto the blanket. You will want the long sides of the diaper stacks to be touching. Fold the blanket around the diapers, and this will create a main board to set on top of the wheels. Wrap two pieces of ribbon around the board, and if needed use a small amount of hot glue or a safety pin to secure the board to the wheels.

Roll nine diapers together into one big tube for the front of the train. Stack the six diapers on top of each other, and wrap a thermal blanket around the outside of them to form the rounded tube. Place the tube on top of the board, with one end to the front of the train. Poke a fake flower into the front of the tube for added decoration.

Wrap two pieces of ribbon from one side of the board, up over the tube and to the other side. Secure the four ends to the main board using safety pins.

Build the back portion of the train by stacking 12 diapers on top of each other. Put the stack in the onesie, and then wrap the top of the stack with the thermal blanket. This will form a rectangle with the onesie design visible from the front and back, and the blanket visible from the sides and top. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the stack to secure.

Place the stack on the back of the main board and secure with a small amount of hot glue on the ribbons.

Decorate the train using a bottle nipple on the top for the smokestack and add any bows or toys you like. You can keep the cake as simple or as decorative as you like.


You can increase the size of the cake by adding more diapers; just make sure that the number stays proportional. This project could take practice to master.

How to make a diaper cake with receiving blankets

Place 10 diapers in the 14-inch cake pan. The diapers should be placed on their side with the printed design on the diaper facing the centre of the pan. Press them firmly against one side and then add 10 more diapers. Continue adding diapers until the cake pan is full. Wrap an elastic band around the diapers just above the lip of the pan. Take the diaper tier out of the pan and move it to the centre of a large square cake tray that is approximately one-third larger than the tier.

Fold a receiving blanket lengthwise to make a long, thin blanket. The length of the blanket must be able to wrap around the diaper tier, and the height must be tall enough to hide the diapers. Wrap the folded receiving blanket around the cake and secure the ends in place with a safety pin. Wrap a 1½-inch-wide ribbon around the tier for decoration and to hide the safety pin.

Repeat the first step to fill the 10-inch cake pan and wrap an elastic band around the diapers. Insert four thin wood skewers into the 14-inch cake pan and push the 10-inch diaper tier onto the 14-inch tier. The wooden skewers help to keep the cake tiers in place when transporting the cake. Fold another receiving blanket, wrap it around the 10-inch tier and secure it with a safety pin. Wrap a 1½-inch wide ribbon around the tier and tie it in a bow.

Make the third tier for the cake in the same way as the previous tiers, using an 8-inch round cake pan. Insert three wooden dowels into the 10-inch tier and push the third tier onto the skewers until it touches the second tier. Fold another receiving blanket, wrap it around the 8-inch tier, secure it with a safety pin and wrap a ribbon around the tier.

Use 10 to 12 more receiving blankets to decorate around the diaper cake. Fold a receiving blanket in half. Fold it in half again the opposite way and then fold it once more. Roll the blanket up like a jellyroll and wrap a length of 1½-inch wide ribbon around the rolled up receiving blanket to keep it closed. Make nine to 11 more rolled blankets. Place the blankets on the cake tray around the diaper cake. Top the cake with a stuffed toy, silk flower or baby doll.

How to make a beehive diaper cake

Cut out a round piece of cardboard to serve as your base for the beehive. Make sure it's fairly sturdy and strong enough to hold a mass of diapers. The larger you make the circle the larger the beehive will be and the more diapers needed so take this into consideration when cutting out the base.

Lay a diaper flat and roll it tightly. Wrap a rubberband around the diaper roll. Repeat for numerous diapers.

Lay diapers on their side all along the outer edge of the cardboard base. Use double-sided tape to adhere these to the cardboard. Place some bottles of baby lotion or baby shampoo in the centre so that as the walls curve in further up the hive they will have something to lean against.

Add diapers in the centre around the bottles to fill the space entirely. Add another layer of diapers on top of the first layer but inward a little so it curves in. Continue to stack diapers layer upon layer using double-sided tape to hold them together until you reach the top and have a bell shaped top.

Decorate the outside of the shower cake with baby goodies such as pacifiers, rattles, toys and teethers. Add a bow to the top or stuffed bee toy as a "cake topper."


Hang the beehive diaper cake from a doorway, ceiling or fake tree for added effect.

How to Make a Diaper Castle Cake

Cut the narrow ribbon into one-foot sections for each of the diapers. You will have 50 one-foot sections in total.

Roll each diaper from the front to the back to make a cylinder shape. Tie the narrow ribbon into a bow around each diaper to keep it secured in place.

Place the baby bottle in the centre of your cake platter. Place five of the disposable diapers vertically around the bottle to form a circle. Secure the diapers in place with a rubber band.

Form another circle of diapers. This circle will go around the first one and you will use 12 disposable diapers. Secure this circle of diapers in place with another rubber band.

Create the third circle of diapers, which will contain 20 rolled diapers.

Create the towers for the castle by placing two rolled diapers on the outside of the third circle of diapers. Each rolled diaper will need placed on each adjacent side of the circle.

Wrap a wide piece of ribbon around the diapers. Tie a bow in the front of the castle cake to keep the diapers secure din place.

Create a second tier for the diaper castle cake. You will need to place five rolled diapers around the top of the baby bottle and secure them with a rubber band. Then you will create a second circle of diapers with two rolled diapers on each end of the circle for the towers. Secure the diapers in place with the wide ribbon. Tie a bow in the front of this tier to match the first bow.

Remove the baby bottle from the diapers and replace it with a cardboard paper towel tube. Place the bottle on top of the second tier of diapers. Place five rolled diapers around the baby bottle. Place two more rolled diapers on each side of the circle and then secure all of the diapers in place with a wide ribbon. Tie a bow in the front to match the other two bows.

Cut a large foam craft sheet into six equal sections. Roll each bottom corner of the squares to the top corner to create a cone shape. Glue or staple the foam to retain the cone shape, and then cut off any excess. Place each cone on top of the towers. You can secure them in place by wrapping a piece of thin ribbon around each one.

Place baby necessity items in between the layers and diapers. Include items like pacifiers, baby wipes, bibs, baby powder and travel-sized necessities.


Instead of using rolled diapers for the towers, you can wrap paper towel tubes with decorative paper and place them on the side of the diaper cake. This will allow you to make taller towers for the castle.

How to Make a Spiral Diaper Cake

Place several diapers inside the largest cake pan, laying them sideways. Fan the diapers out so that they look like a spiral from the side. Keep your hand securely on the diapers so they don’t fall down.

Add more diapers to the spiral until the pan is completely full.

Secure a large rubber band around the diaper cake tier.

Flip the cake pan upside down, and remove the pan. Your tier should be able to stand on it’s own with no support.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each additional tier of the cake, stacking each tier centered on top of the previous tier.

Decorate the diaper cake by placing ribbon over the rubber bands and adding other decorative elements such as baby socks in the shape of a bow.

Things You Will Need

  • Diapers
  • Cake pans of various sizes
  • Rubber bands
  • Decorations


Normal cake tiers are about two inches different in diameter for each layer. Decorate the cake with other baby-themed elements, such as miniature stuffed animals, pacifiers and small lotion bottles.

Free Unique Diaper Cake Instructions

Wrap the styropor base with wrapping paper. Choose a design of wrapping paper that matches the theme for the cake. Choose a white or neutral wrapper to make the cake look more formal. The styropor should be at least 2 inches wider than the desired size for the diaper cake.

Fold the diapers in half and stack them standing on end, in a row, use an elastic band to keep them together. Use 25 size 1 or 2 diapers for each row. Create four to six rows. Put the rows by each other, creating a square, this is the first tier of the cake. Use a bigger elastic band or ribbon to keep the rows of diapers together.

Fold 20 diapers size 1 or 2 in half to make a row for the second tier. Create three to five rows, one less than the amount you made for the first tier. Keep the diapers together using elastic bands or ribbon. Align the rows to finish the second tier of the cake.

Fold 15 diapers for each row of the third tier. Create two to four rows, one less than the amount created for the second tier. Align the rows.

Cover each tier with white tissue paper to cover the printing on the diapers. Use an elastic band to keep the tissue paper in place. Tuck the excess tissue under each tier. Stack the tiers to create the diaper cake.

Wrap the sides of the cake with white satin ribbon. Secure the ribbon with tape.

Wrap the coloured ribbon around the layers of the cake, secure with tape or by making a bow.


The amount of diapers you use for each tier depends on the size you want for the finished cake. Use more or less to make the diaper cake bigger or smaller. Use diapers of a bigger size to finish the cake faster. Coordinate the coloured ribbon to match the decorations of the baby shower. Use basic baby needs, such as pacifiers, rattles and bottles to decorate the cake.

How to make square diaper cakes

Stack 15 diapers with the front facing forward. Tie the diaper stack with a thin ribbon, and tie the ribbon in a bow in the front. Sit the diapers on a square serving tray so that the rows are laying vertically and the front of the diapers are facing forward with the ribbon bow tied in the front.

Create three more stacks of 15 diapers. Place the diapers next to each other on the serving platter.

Insert diapers into the side of the diaper cake so it looks like all the diapers are facing forward. Place these diapers behind the ribbon on the side of the diaper stacks to hold them in place. You will need three to four diapers for each side.

Create another tier of diapers. You will need three stacks of eight diapers. Tie these diapers with a thin ribbon, and sit them on top of the first diaper tier. Insert two diapers in the sides behind the ribbon so that it appears that all the diapers are facing out.

Form the last tier of the diaper cake by creating two stacks of four diapers. Tie these diapers with the thin ribbon. Insert one diaper on each side of the diaper stacks in the same manner as before.

Stick a dowel rod cut to the size of the diaper cake in the centre to reinforce the cake tiers. You can also use a bottle brush or a similar long object to help keep the tiers sturdy.

Decorate the diaper cake to make it suit the baby shower theme. Add items that the new mother can use like travel sized shampoos, diaper wipes and bibs. Decorate the diaper cake with stuffed animals, large bows and confetti.