How to Apply for Daycare Vouchers in Maryland

Maryland offers a daycare voucher program for low-income residents to subsidize the costs of work and school-related childcare. You can apply for the program at your county human resources office or online. To apply you must meet income eligibility requirements. The maximum income allowed as of 2010 is $24,277 for a family of two, up to $51,411 for a family of 10. Upon approval, vouchers are issued for each child that requires care. The vouchers may not cover 100 percent of childcare costs and the parent will make up the difference by paying a co-payment directly to the provider.

Obtain an application for assistance. Applications are available at your county department of human resources, or online through the department of human resources website.

Check the box for the childcare subsidy program.

Note your control ID number. Online applications will have the ID number at the top of the page. If your application is prepared and submitted in a local office, an agent will give you the control ID number. This number is used to identify your application and account. If you need to provide additional documents or have questions concerning your application or account, you will need to provide this number.

Fill out the questionnaire. Provide your contact information and answer questions regarding your income, household members and the program applied for. The application for childcare subsidy combines with other Maryland benefit programs. Some questions on the application may not apply if you are just seeking childcare assistance.

Sign the application. If you fill out an application online, you must print the signature page and fax, mail or hand deliver the page to your county office.

Submit verification of eligibility and identity. An agent will schedule an interview upon receipt of your application. You must provide proof of income, proof of identity for yourself and your child(ren), proof if you are a single parent, proof that you are receiving child support, or proof that you have applied for enforcement assistance.

After your application is approved, you may receive formal or informal daycare vouchers. Formal vouchers can be used to purchase childcare from a Maryland-registered daycare home or licensed childcare center. An informal voucher can be used to purchase childcare from someone who is not registered such as a relative or babysitter.