How to Anchor a Trampoline From the Wind

The large surface area and light weight of a trampoline acts like a parachute on windy days. Some homeowners will bury the trampoline as a safety measure but digging is not always possible. Using basic hardware to anchor your trampoline requires no special skills or tools 2. Trampoline specific anchor kits are available through many hardware and big box stores 2.

Material Options

Numerous options are available for anchoring a trampoline. Kits are easy to find and work well. Some are simple u-stakes, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Other options include stake driven systems with leashes that anchor the legs to the stakes. The stakes are either hammer driven or spiral designs that twist into the ground. The spiral stakes are effective on grass surfaces but the hammer driven stakes are better for penetrating rocky soil.

Staking the Trampoline

Position the trampoline on a grassy or dirt area. Grass is best because it provides a soft landing area. Position one u-stake on each corner of each leg. Pound the stakes firmly into the ground with a hammer. For leash systems, drive the stakes into the ground within one foot of the leg and clip the leash to the leg and the top railing of the trampoline. For extreme winds, use multiple leashes on each leg.

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