Affirmation Activities for Boy Teens

The way a teenage boy feels or thinks about himself can alter outcomes in his life. Learning about how to incorporate positive affirmations in his daily life will allow him to know what he should say or do to accomplish what he wants in life or be thankful for what he has 1. Have your teen son participate in affirmation activities to help build his self-esteem.


Teenage boys should express gratitude for the positive things going on in their lives. Creating a gratitude board will serve as a reminder to focus on all the things he already has. Have him write "Gratitude" in big letters in the center of a large poster board. Let him cut out pictures from old magazines or use his own photos to represent what he is grateful for like his family or teammates. Have him paste the pictures surrounding the word "Gratitude." Let dry. As another option, he can pick a few positive words like "hope" or "faith" to paste to a wooden board. He can simply paint wooden letters of the positive words and glue them to the board. Let him hang the board in his bedroom.


A simple thank you note showing appreciation to someone will bring a smile to their face. Teenage boys can reflect on something positive that someone else did for him and create a card for them. Have him use a printer to type a thank you note inside a blank card. For example, he can write, "Thanks Mom for cooking my favorite meal. It was good. I always appreciate your wonderful cooking." He can decorate the front of the card and place it in an envelope. To build his own self-esteem, have him write affirmations about himself on 30 index cards to repeat back to himself daily like "I have the ability to be anything I want." He can read a new affirmation every day.


Use games to help your teenage boy build his self-confidence and practice repeating positive affirmations to himself. Let him practice amongst his friends with two-player and group games. For a group game, have your teens and his friends sit in a circle. Give them a piece of toilet paper to pass around. Have the teens tear off as many pieces as they would like. Let each teen say aloud a positive affirmation about themselves for each piece taken, like "I am confident in myself." For a two-player game, teen boys can play an affirmation version of "Hangman" and use positive words like "Believe" for the player to guess.


Completing tasks will help your teen boy act out his affirmations. Let him repeat positive affirmations to himself to create goals. He can also create a chart or checklist of goals to help him focus on what he wants to do. For example, if he would like to be a good cook, he can say, "I will be a good cook" and enroll in some cooking classes to improve his cooking skills. If he wants to do better in school, he may say, "I am a good student" and stay after school for tutoring to get additional help with homework. He can check the tasks off as he completes them.