Activities With Chocolate Kisses for Mother's Day

While moms should get recognition every day, Mother’s Day is an extra special day for kids and spouses to show moms their appreciation. For moms who are chocolate fans, chocolate kisses are a cute, sweet treat from kids. Show the kids how to use these tiny, wrapped morsels of chocolate in a variety of activities to honor their mother.

Artistic Creations

Have the kids make a chocolate kiss rose bouquet for Mother’s Day. Start by gluing two wrapped chocolate kisses together, bottom to bottom, using a dot of nontoxic craft glue. Lay the kisses on a small square of red cellophane, and place a long wooden skewer next to them. This is the stem. Wrap the cellophane around the kisses and the top of the skewer, twisting the excess underneath the kisses to create the rosebud look. Wrap the green floral tape around the wooden skewer, covering the excess cellophane. Repeat to make a full bouquet of roses. You can stick them in floral foam in a coffee mug or a vase to complete the look. You can also make a chocolate kisses heart wreath by cutting strong poster board into a heart shape. Cut out the middle, leaving 2 or 3 inches all around the heart. Have the kids fill in the wreath by gluing the wrapped chocolate kisses to the poster board.

Chocolate Kiss Messages

Have the kids replace the little paper banners that come with chocolate kisses with sweet messages of their own. Cut plain white paper into long strips, about 1 to 1 1/2-inch thick. Help the kids write sweet messages to their mothers, starting about 2 inches from the end of the strip. Message ideas include “Happy Mother’s Day!” “You’re the best mom,” and “I love you so much!” Unfold the kisses slightly and remove the paper banner that comes with the chocolate kiss and the unwritten part of the personalized banners into the foil. You can also have the kids write short messages on the bottoms of the chocolate kiss wrappers. Use one kiss to trace circles on poster board and cut them out. Have the kids write a very short message with a fine marker on the circles, such as “I love you,” and “Moms rule!” Glue the circles to the bottoms of the kisses using nontoxic craft glue.

Chocolate Kiss Treats

Have the kids use the kisses to create tasty chocolate treats for their moms. To make chocolate kiss cookies, prepare any type of cookie batter that would complement chocolate, such as sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and even chocolate fudge cookies. Bake the cookies as the recipe indicates, but as soon as you take them out of the oven, have the kids unwrap the chocolate kisses and press them directly in the middle of each cookie. Make sure they press them only halfway into the cookies, however. Another ideas is to have the kids create a kiss s’more kit for their moms. Give the kids small cellophane bags and have then add two graham cracker square halves, four chocolate kisses chocolate kisses, one large marshmallow and a personalized note to mom.

Interactive Activities

Have the kids use the chocolate kisses to lead mom to a special brunch in her honor. Start the trail from her bed to the dining room or wherever you are setting up the brunch. When she wakes up, the kids can tell her to just follow the trail of kisses. The kids can get creative with the kisses, using them to make arrow shapes to point mom in the right direction. Another idea is to use the kisses to send mom on a scavenger hunt. Remove the wrapping off of the kisses and write clues inside of the wrappers, then wrap the kisses back up. Give mom one kiss to start, then she must decipher the clue to find the location of the next kiss and so forth. The scavenger hunt ends when she finds a present and cards from the whole family.