How to Use an Evenflo Electric Breast Pump

A breast pump allows you to pump milk for your baby to keep your supply up, bottle feed or store milk for times when you may not be able to breastfeed. The Evenflo Electric Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump uses tips and feedback from real moms to create a breast pump that you can take anywhere, to truly pump on the go. If it's your first time using a breast pump, relax and carefully read the instructions for maximum milk extraction.

Find a quiet place to pump. Letdown is largely a psychological occurrence, and you need to be relaxed and focused to get the maximum amount of milk from your pumping session. You may find it helpful to look at a picture of your baby or keep baby nearby while pumping.

Remove the pump from the carrying case and set the provided bottle holders on a flat surface. Keep the upright to keep it working correctly and to stop the milk from spilling.

Make sure the plastic cone insets on the pump are tightly secured by tugging gently on them. If they are loose, run your finger around the lip of the cone to reattach the insets tightly. Plug the pump in, or switch to battery power if you're on the go.

Attach the tubing from the back of the double pumps into the hole on the side of the pumping machine. You shouldn't have to push hard, just wiggling it slightly should work.

Place the pumping cones onto your breasts. It may help to place the first one, and then switch on the pump so that you have one hand free to position the second pump on the second breast. You may find it easier to place both. Practice and experiment to find a method that you feel the most comfortable with.

Adjust the suction. You should have the suction at the lowest level when you begin, to avoid any pain, and then you can use the dial to increase suction. Unfortunately, the Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump does not allow you to change the suction speed.

Pump for 15 minutes, or until you feel empty. Dial the suction level all the way down, and turn off the machine. Gently remove the cones and set the bottles in the provided holders. Remove the tubing that connects the cones to the pump machine.

Carefully unscrew the cone tops from the bottles, and store the milk in storage bags that you've written the date on. Clean the bottles thoroughly, and wipe the cones and the rest of the machine down with antibacterial wipes before reassembling the bottles and cones for your next use.