How to Fix a Medela Pump

Using a breast pump to express milk in times when you are away from your baby is a good way to ensure he gets optimum nutrition all the time. Breast milk contains the perfect ratio of nutrients for your baby to grow properly. Medela is a brand name breast pump that offers a few different styles to accommodate different lifestyles 1. Medela pumps are typically reliable, but sometimes problems occur and a quick fix is necessary to get it back in working order.

Low Suction or No Suction

Shut off the pump and unplug it, if you experience low or no suction.

Inspect all of the parts of the pump to ensure they are all secure.

Look to see that the white membrane is flat against the yellow valve head.

Check that the faceplate is clean and that the ends of the tubing at the back of the breast shields are secure.

Back Up of Milk

Turn off the breast pump and unplug it from the wall if you notice milk backing up into the unit.

Remove and take apart the tubing, membrane cap and protective membrane.

Wash the parts in soapy water, then rinse off in clear, cold water. Shake everything out and let it air dry.

Inspect the valve membranes to see they are clean and not damaged. Wipe the motorized part of the pump with a damp cloth, but don’t immerse it in water.

Run the breast pump for one or two minutes with the tubing attached if condensation forms during use.


Phone 1-800-TELL-YOU to find a breastfeeding specialist if you experience any pain or discomfort when pumping, or 1-800-435-8316 if you have any questions about the product itself. Both numbers are run by the Medela company.

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