How To Put a Trampoline in the Ground

Installing an in-ground trampoline can give you peace of mind. The possibility of injury rises if many people, particularly children, use your trampoline. But placing your trampoline in the ground prevents long falls. Consider installing an underground drainage system and a masonry wall to avoid cave-ins, flooding or sinking. Figure out where your trampoline will fit, then begin your planning.

Get the measurements of your trampoline including height and width. Allow for 1 foot of lateral space so air may flow in and out from beneath the trampoline. This permits better bouncing. To prevent cave-ins, the width of the hole should be equal to the width of your trampoline.

Dig the pit for your trampoline using a backhoe or shovel.

Prevent standing water after rains by installing perforated drainage pipes. Place them at the center of the circular foundation.

Set up masonry blocks on the side walls of the trampoline. Spread mortar between each block to guarantee they stay in place; let it dry for four to six hours.

Situate the trampoline frame inside the hole and rest the mat on top. Adjoin the mat to the frame by fastening it to the springs.

Affix a safety pad on top of the springs for extra stability. Your in-ground trampoline is ready for use.

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